Top 5 Nicest Celebrity Role Models

While we all love to watch celebrities, it’s undeniable that many people look up to these folks beyond the roles they have in movies, TV, or other media. Many celebrities get roles based on something outside their personality like beauty, charisma, wealth, or sheer acting talent. It’s great to see folks who are able to be successful without compromising a good attitude and a strong character. Obviously, no one is perfect all the time, but here is a short list of celebrities who definitely deserve their success and serve as a strong reminder that nice guys don’t finish last.

1. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is an obvious choice for this list. The tales of his nice guy, aw shucks persona are endless. Whether it’s on talk shows talking about how he tries to do right by the people who helped him out, or visiting talk shows well outside his comfort zone and fitting right in, Chris Pratt is definitely someone who deserves to have good things coming his way.

2. Jack Black

Jack Black is known around town as one of the funniest musicians in recent history. At the pinnacle of success, he chose to make School of Rock, inspiring kids to become musicians and be comfortable with being themselves. It’s not just a put-on persona, he takes this attitude into real life, like in 2016 when he visited a local children’s hospital and played for the kids.

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