Top 10 jRPGs of the 1990s

This one is mostly for the kids coming up who never got to have a PS1.  It’s the first entry into what I hope will be a short series of posts for different game genres to give my Gen Zers a look into the things they may have not played since they were still in diapers but which are worth going back, digging out of the dirt and downloading and emulator to play.

10. Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross was the long awaited sequel to an even older game called Chrono Trigger, which was widely viewed as the best RPG of all time.  It disappointed fans as a sequel to Chrono Trigger given that it jettisoned the cast of the previous game and the whole time travel mechanic, but given distance and time, people came around to the viewpoint that Chrono Cross was a great game — just not the sequel people wanted.  Oh, and also, it has one of the best video game soundtracks of all time.

9. SaGa Frontier 2

SaGa Frontier was a 1999 entry to the long running SaGa series, an experimental series with a spotty hit-or-miss track record.  What made SaGa Frontier 2 special was its beautiful watercolor art style and its compelling story, which followed two stories through multiple generations.  It told, on one hand, the story of Gustav and his evolution from troubled child to revered king after being cast out of the royal family; and, on the other, the adventurer (think: Indiana Jones) Knights family across 3 generations.  It has a great cast, a good story and a beautiful, unique look.