Game Review: Battle Chasers Nightwar

Which brings me to the story.  It’s not that it’s incredibly bad, it’s just trite and common.  There’s nothing that really separates it from your typical, run of the mill, Saturday morning episodic fantasy story.  The world and the characters that inhabit the story are interesting, but it boils down to ‘stop the over the top evil demon’.  There’s nothing you’ll find in this story you wouldn’t find in say, Fire Emblem.  Which is a shame because the execution of the story is decently engaging: the voice acting and motion comics, which I mentioned before, are pretty entertaining.  In its best moments, you feel like you’re watching a decent Saturday morning cartoon.

So that’s about it.  As an RPG fan, it’s a pretty good game.  I’m going to play it more, not sure yet if I’ll finish it (depends on how grindy it gets), but if you’re not big on turn based RPGs, you might want to steer clear or you’ll be bored to death.