Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

Weirdly, even though this movie was 3 hours long and it definitely felt long, I can’t imagine what they could have cut out. Sure, there were some dramatically long, tension building shots, but those all felt like they needed to be there. Strangely, I think it would have felt less long if they added a few more action scenes toward the middle. The middle part of the movie where K is investigating the mystery, for a time, just plain feels slow.

Me, during the middle part of the movie

When there was an action scene, it tended to be a badass display of how advanced replicants are. There’s one scene in the movie where K gets mobbed by a bunch of… rabble, I guess you might say, and he shows off his deadeye AI style aiming and speed and super strength. Weirdly, the climactic fight between two characters who were established badasses seemed to forget we had seen these same two characters perform feats of incredible strength and skill earlier in the movie.

Ryan Gosling does a great job. I really, really wanted more of Dave Bautista, his character seemed interesting and his introduction left me wanting more. Harrison Ford does a great job as well, although for some reason his homeless super-bum costume made me feel like he wasn’t doing a good job. It took me a second to realize that it wasn’t his acting that made me feel that way, more that everyone else was dressed awesome and he looked like he just rolled out of bed and showed up. Not really his fault.

“My contract said I had to be here at 4, it didn’t say anything about a costume. Just turn the cameras on, kid”