Walking Dead: Spoilers from the Comics

Warning: This article is full of spoilers. In case you couldn’t tell by the title.

As most people know, The Walking Dead TV show is based on a comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman. Although the plot deviates from the comic in significant ways, for the most part, the skeleton is left intact. At the point we are in the show, Andrea is still alive, and Carol is very much dead, but the plot is largely the same. Andrea’s role of becoming Rick’s lover is taken up by Michonne, and Michonne’s role of becoming Ezekiel’s love interest is taken up by Carol. Abraham died along with Glenn, which isn’t how it went in the comics, but he actually died much earlier, when Dwight confronted the survivors on the road and Eugene bit him in the junk.

The last season covered the introduction of Negan through the “March to War” volume. This upcoming season, if things go as expected, will cover the All Out War volume. So, here’s what happens in All Out War in the comics. These are potentially spoilers. Some, all, or none of it could come to pass.

1. Rick Doubts his Leadership Skills
In Season 6, Rick’s arc was primarily about going from supreme confidence in his crew’s plot armor, to becoming a deflated, defeated shell of a man. Season 7 showed him regaining himself. In All Out War, his character arc is all about coming to terms with becoming the leader not just of Alexandria — a task where he’s already doubting himself — but a leader among leaders of a network of colonies along with Maggie and Ezekiel. In the show that would probably also include whoever runs Oceanside. And maybe those weird garbage people play into it.

2. Gregory Betrays the Alliance
In the comics, Gregory gets wise to Rick’s plan to resist The Saviors and very obviously double crosses him. Rick shows up at The Sanctuary with militia from Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom to confront Negan. Negan tells Rick that Gregory tricked him, and some of the Hilltop soldiers defect, but not all of them go over to Negan’s side. That ends up opening Gregory’s spot for Maggie in the end. I have a feeling this isn’t going to play out the same way in the show, as the show has almost completely established that Gregory has no support at Hilltop.

3. The Survivors Unleash a Horde of Zombies on the Sanctuary
As I mentioned, Rick and crew show up at the Sanctuary. They’re outnumbered and supposedly there to negotiate a truce, but it turns out the point of the whole thing was to start a skirmish and then break The Sanctuary gates and let a horde of walkers in, similar to what Negan did to Hilltop last season. Holly, who was Abraham’s girlfriend in the comics instead of Sasha, gets captured by Negan during the process, but she’s super dead in the show. This last part probably won’t happen, it’s very similar to what happened to Sasha last season. Holly gets kidnapped, some guy attempts to rape her and Negan murders him, then they come back and try to offer her as a hostage but she’s already a zombie.