Walking Dead: Spoilers from the Comics

4. The Kingdom Gets Ambushed
While The Sanctuary is dealing with the walker horde, Rick splits up the forces of the 3 communities and orders them to attack the satellite compounds. Rick’s group is successful, but The Kingdom gets ambushed by the main Savior force during their raid. Ezekiel loses tons of men and has a crisis of confidence. He says he wishes he’d died there to energize his men and Michonne (probably Carol in the show) calls him a pussy.

5. The Saviors Bomb Alexandria & Maggie Leads Hilltop
Negan and co show up at Alexandria’s door and start lobbing grenades into the compound until Maggie comes with reinforcements from Hilltop, revealing that after Gregory lost the confidence of the community, she stepped into his role. They fight off Negan, but Alexandria is burning. It’s also the first time Dwight outright turns on the Saviors. He doesn’t openly defy Negan, but he kills some of the Savior grenadiers under his command once they turn their back to him. Jesus sees, and it’s a turning point in how trusted he is by the survivors. Actually this might be the mid-season finale. Somebody will probably die here. In the comics it’s Denise, but she’s already dead in the show, so… maybe Tara?

6. The Saviors Use Infected Weapons
The Saviors start coating their weapons with walker guts so the non-lethal injuries will turn the targets into zombies. They show up to Hilltop where everyone from the survivors’ alliance is camped with the goal of assassinating Rick. Negan trusts Dwight to do it, but Dwight intentionally misses and hits Rick in the stomach. Also, Dwight didn’t infect his crossbow as Negan instructed.

7. Eugene Escapes
The timeline kind of cuts in between this plotline and the one above, but during the Hilltop attack and the lead up to it, Dwight reveals to Eugene that he’s a double agent and while Negan is gone, he gets some of his sympathizers to break him out.