Walking Dead: Spoilers from the Comics

8. Rick and Negan Have a Final One-on-One Fight
Maybe the most satisfying thing about the conclusion of this arc. Negan waits until he thinks Rick must have turned and shows up at Hilltop again, surprised to find Rick alive. By this point, The Saviors have suffered devastating losses. Rick invites him in to negotiate a truce. Negan begins to agree, and Rick slits his throat. While Negan’s bleeding out of his throat, he fights Rick and shatters his leg before passing out from blood loss.

9. Dwight Becomes the Savior Leader
Dwight inherits Negan’s bat and announces himself as the new leader of the Saviors. The other Saviors accept Dwight, and it’s implied that the Saviors will become part of the alliance now under Dwight’s command.

10. Negan Doesn’t Die
It may or may not play out this way in the show due to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s contract, but it’s kind of an important point in the comic, which has this huge focus on mimicking the evolution of human civilization. Instead of killing Negan, Rick declares that in his society they will have a civilized system of punishment to prove they’re better than the Saviors and decides to throw him in prison. If it does play out this way in the show, Morgan will probably be a big part of the decision. This also sets up the inevitable and very trope-y Negan becomes the Vegeta anti-hero ally thing to happen in the next arc about The Whisperers.

There you have it. That’s what happens in the comics this season will be drawing from. Do you think it will play out in the same way? Let me know in the comments!