Top 5 Games You Should Install on Your SNES Classic

The SNES Classic is out and, good news, you can hack it and install other games on there.  You may be wondering, “Hey, I was born in 1997, what games should I put on there?” Glad you asked, because that’s exactly why I’m writing this — just for you.

Obviously people have their own tastes, but here’s a list of games that you just can’t go wrong with.

5. Super Star Wars
Super Star Wars, like most Star Wars games, is not just a cheapo movie tie-in, but a fantastic sidescroller for its time. You go through the plot of the movie and play as Luke, Han, Chewie, complete with vehicle levels where you ride the sand speeder and the X-Wing. In fact, you should probably install all the games in this series so you can find out how it all ends. Does Darth Vader kill everyone? You’ll have to play the game to find out.

4. Megaman X3
Megaman X is a great series, but X3 on SNES and X4 on PS1 are the key standouts. Not too many people got to play Megaman X3 as it had a pretty limited release. I remember hunting down this game, unable to find it anywhere but the most geeky of hobby shops. Megaman X3 is the first Megaman X game where you could play as Zero and its level design and power-ups are a dramatic step up from X or X2.