5 More Games You Should Install on Your SNES Classic

A followup to my last article about the SNES Classic, here are even more game suggestions for you to look into.  As I mentioned before, you can hack the device to install more great SNES roms on there.

The SNES Classic is already chock full of great entries, but there are only 21 games.  It’s not enough! The SNES catalog has hundreds of worthwhile titles.  Without further ado, here are five more gems for you to look into.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

I’m sure TMNT has released some other games since 1991, but none of them really matter because Turtles in Time was the ultimate video game adaptation of the franchise. Not only is it a blast to play as an arcade brawler with an almost perfect difficulty level, its level design is well varied so it’s a pleasure from beginning to end. Compared to historic entries in the time’s arcade brawler genre like Final Fight, Turtles in Time is more fun, more vibrant and has more heart. Not only that, it includes the best aspects of the franchise which seem to have fallen to the wayside in the subsequent years, like Slash and that giant baby that Krang rides in.

4. Terranigma

Zelda-like gameplay mixed with wild fantasy adaptations of Western history? Yes, please. In Terranigma you take on the role of a young boy who… well I don’t remember the conceit of the story exactly, but you end up traveling through history, hanging out with Thomas Edison and fighting Bloody Mary. It’s an incredibly well-made game with a zany concept that works well. You have fun and learn (sort of). The action is tight, the Zelda-style power-ups are engaging and there’s even a little bit of RPG thrown in there, so you level up as you continue on your quests.

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