5 More Games You Should Install on Your SNES Classic

1. Breath of Fire 2

Breath of Fire, for a while there, seemed like it was going to be the RPG series to rival Final Fantasy. Breath of Fire 2 is arguable the third best RPG on SNES. It has a wide cast, an interesting story of an orphan from the dragon tribe who ends up getting mixed up in a plot where the global church, run by an ancient demon (of course) is trying to take over the world. The most memorable aspect of this game is a system called Shaman Fusion. Along the way, you recruit several shamans who can fuse into your characters. As you experiment and create different combinations, your cast of about ten characters expands to almost thirty, since each character has one or two alternate forms. It also features one of the first instances of town building in RPGs — you get ownership of a town early on and recruit shopkeepers and other useful people to inhabit it, making it your own.

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