Green Lantern in Upcoming Justice League?

There’s a new piece of evidence in the long running rumor that Green Lantern will make an appearance in Zack Snyder & Joss Whedon’s upcoming Justice League film.

The Big Bang Theory is hosting a contest called The Big Bang Theory Geekstakes. As a part of the promotion, entrants are asked to spin a wheel to reveal clips from the show relating to the Justice League. Conspicuously, on this wheel is the Green Lantern’s famous icon.

What’s notable about this is that The Big Bang Theory is also a property of Warner Brothers and the contest is an official cross-promotion. Because of the way that internal approvals processes work at major movie studios, it’s likely that the promotion team both has inside knowledge about the production and that the marketing team had to sign off on the art assets for the promotion.

The new piece of evidence doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The first hint at the Green Lantern’s inclusion was Zack Snyder ominously tweeting out a promotional image of Aquaman in 2015 with the caption “Unite the Seven”, a phrase commonly used to refer to the seven members of the Justice League, which includes Green Lantern.

Second, the DCEU, in coordination with DC Comics, is basing this franchise on the New 52 variation of the Justice League, which has a lineup that perfectly aligns with the film’s — if Green Lantern is included.

Next up, the new intro for DCEU movies that premiered with Wonder Woman does a closeup of each Justice League member, including Green Lantern.

Back in August, Imagine Dragons, providing music for Justice League, had the track listing briefly become available on IMDB. One of the tracks was entitled “Unite the Seven”, again alluding to the presence of seven Justice League members.

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