Game Review: South Park The Fractured But Whole

Unlike The Stick of Truth, outside the main plot there’s just plain not that much to do. There are a few fetch quests, but there’s very little incentive to explore. Items you find are as numerous as they are useless, and there are no secret jokes, fights, levels, or anything that you can stumble upon except one secret boss and a decent “heh” at the Canadian border.

It all sounds a bit harsh, but I still liked the game. It retains a lot of the qualities that made the first one feel special — a very authentic South Park feel, some decent humor, an RPG that has kind of a Mario RPG feel. It just felt like a letdown, as I came in expecting a game as good or better than its predecessor. I don’t like to break games down into categories like graphics, story, etc, just give an overall opinion about the holistic experience. This one, I’d say B-.