Gods of the American Wild

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A council of shadowy power brokers are trying to consolidate power in the United States by fomenting a civil war. Five fledgling heroes are recruited from the disparate wilds of American society to confront them. During their journey, amidst their challenges, some grow into heroes, and others fall… and at the heart of it all, is the mysterious dragon.

Gods of the American Wild: The Dragon 2043 is the first entrant into the urban superhero universe of the same name.

The story takes place across America in the year 2043, a time far enough away enough that the world has clearly changed, but not so far away that we no longer recognize it or its roots in our time.

It’s a time when technology has advanced and the next steps we see on the horizon today have come to fruition. AI’s impact on American life is becoming more immediately tangible. Computers are smaller and more powerful; holographic displays, VR and AR have achieved mainstream normalcy. The rich are beginning to engage in engineering favorable genetic advantages into their children, and interstellar space travel is on the horizon. Nano-robotics are the next big thing, and military technologies have created all sorts of new weapons.

The social issues of today have progressed along their natural course. The political divisions of today have exacerbated and the fraying social contract is on the brink of shattering completely. Wealth and wealth disparity is immense, exacerbated by advancements in AI and genetic engineering.

Despite its futuristic setting, it’s also a world where conspiracy, magic and mysticism exist, quietly, in small doses. It assumes that, from the myths and legends we inherited, a there was truth — however exaggerated — to some, and the legacy of those events still exists today in our world.

Main Characters

Eastwood was born Elijah Foster in 1841 in a quiet, backwoods town near the border of Tennessee and Alabama. In his mortal life, he was a casualty in the American Civil War. After death, the flame of his immense willpower, desiring to get home to his beloved new wife whom he’d left to enlist, refused to be snuffed out, and he awoke, three years later, as an ethereal being — a ghost. Never able to reunite with his love, he has walked the Earth since that time, accruing experience and wisdom, and participating in every major American war with the sole goal to save the lives of the enlisted. He believes in love, romance and enjoying the small things in life.

Powers: Immortality, Ability to Change Between Ethereal and Corporeal, Fires of the Spirit World

Kai Rockwell is the only son of a famous and wealthy business owner named Anthony Rockwell. A mixed heritage man, Hispanic and Hawaiian, Kai was adopted at a young age by Rockwell after being abandoned by poor and irresponsible parents. Unable to find true acceptance in wealthy American society as an adopted child and unable to find acceptance in the society of his heritage because of his perceived privileges, Kai chose to cultivate a sense of unconditional love and understanding, finding the good in people despite their misguided biases. At a young age, a social worker assigned to him taught him about his heritage and he discovered that he had a deep connection to the mixed emotions of love and disappointment he could feel coming from the planet to its inhabitants.

Powers: Communication with the Earth, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation

Elizabeth Sanders was a hard luck case. Born to a working class family in rural Washington, she was the next step in human evolution — an IQ so far off the charts it couldn’t even be measured. Growing up she had no ability to relate to the humans around her, understanding complex technologies and social theories with more nuance and depth than educated adults before her age hit double digits. Her personal life was a never-ending cascade of tragedies. Her father died in a work accident as a result of government negligence and her mother passed away soon after. Without parental guidance, Elizabeth did her best to avoid the clutches of State guardianship while also enduring the emotional development problems of abandonment, loss and social rejection. By the time she was 14, she had become a famous anonymous hacker named Wicken, attempting to bring down the State programs that had failed her.

Powers: Superhuman Intelligence, Future Prediction, Systems Hacking

Andromeda began as Amanda Ray, the illegitimate child of the mistress to the powerful CEO of an international corporation. The mixed race daughter of a white mother and a Japanese father, she was raised with financial support from a father she never met but for his company’s name on the header of the checks delivered to her mother. She grew up in relative isolation, reading every day, and she became enthralled by the romance and optimism of outer space. As she grew older, she excelled in school and was able to achieve advanced degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Physics, eventually becoming the director of a project to develop a new interstellar engine. Unbeknownst to her, Andromeda had been an early experiment of both genetic engineering and symbiotic AI. Upon the completion of the interstellar engine, the AI in her head interfaced with it and merged with her programming, augmenting her with the abilities of space manipulation present in the drive.

Abilities: Controlling the Fabric of Space, Creating Black Holes, Manipulating Gravity

William Harper was a veteran of the second Iran-Afghan War in the mid 2030s. Serving his country as an Apache helicopter pilot, he was honorably discharged after developing PTSD and severe nightmares from seeing his entire unit die in an ambush. During his time in the war, his wife cheated on him and took the kids — he returned to his life in Montana and the Dakotas with nothing. Unemployed and unemployable, no family, only the bitter torments of the past keeping him awake at night. Fighting against his mental agony, he lost himself in substance abuse, until he found himself taken in by Cheyenne Shamans keeping their traditions alive in an isolated part of North Dakota. Eventually finding peace and self-acceptance of his animalistic instincts, he began to become able to control them and access the adrenaline and the inner beast inside him that had previously been released in times of immeasurable stress.

Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Eyesight, Reflexes, Able to Assume Wildlife Traits

Rhys Evans
Rhys was a young man with an average life, beset at all times with self-criticism for his inability to achieve his ambitions. Unknown to Rhys, he had immense telekinetic power and as his situation in life deteriorated, the desperation began to allow his power to manifest. As the power manifested, he found that suddenly his luck began to change — women who ignored him now found an interest in him; people who dismissed him suddenly kowtowed to his authority; and as a result, he had no reason to come to terms with the personal troubles that had held him back or recognize the gratitude and love he felt for the people who supported him before he was special. Rhys was split between two visions of his own identity: an honest, honorable and sensitive man who failed, and a powerful psychic ruled by youthful ego, beloved by the world. His telekinetics advanced to the point where he could manipulate individual cells and control latent energy in the environment.

Abilities: Telekinesis, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Heat Manipulation


The Council
The Council is an organization that has gone by many names. The Illuminati. The Deep State. It’s a small group of the most powerful and influential people in the country from media, technology, military, government and religion, who control the outcome of events across the nation. Sensing a loss of control over American society on the horizon, the Council decided to divide and conquer the population, manipulating them into hating one another to the point of willing to go to war, and then swooping in with authoritarian control to quell the violence. The Council has existed since the founding of the country and has always had thirteen core members, each of whom choose a name based on an influential historical figure from American life. The current Council’s twelve consists of Washington, Edison, Hemingway, Ford, Kennedy, Young, Gates, Tesla, King, Lincoln, Douglass, Hughes and Hoover.

The Assassins
The Assassins are the bodyguards and executors of the Council’s will. Each of them is an unmatched killer pulled from military or criminal backgrounds, augmented by the height of the newest generation of military technology that has yet to be delivered to even the highest ranking military officials in the country. One Assassin exists for every two Council members, code named after the most ruthless and successful American businessmen. The current assassin is led by Kroc, a swift and sadistic corporate assassin outfitted with rapid cell regeneration technology, alongside Morgan and Carnegie, through-and-through soldiers, Payne, a genius demolitions expert and Green, a tactical prodigy with a penchant for poison and traps.

The Dragon
The country is beset by the rule of the ideals of The Dragon: greed, aggression, and the instinct to conquer and pillage. The highest virtues of the dragon’s species, not the grounding virtues of mankind, are emulated from the top of society to its very bottom. But who, or what, is the dragon?

Other Characters & Groups

General McAlistar
The four star General who lives within the inner circle of the Council, but opposes them. His motives are unknown.

Rockwell Corporation
Started by Anthony Rockwell in 2019, the corporation elevated to international prominence by investing in decentralized education structures, space technologies and advancements in technology and medicine.

The characters above make up the cast of the first novel, but the world of Gods of the American Wild is expansive — it encompasses a vision of stories that take place concurrently with the events of the novel and the upcoming entries to the series. Some characters from the book have smaller parts within the purview of the novel itself, but much larger parts in the conception of the universe as a whole.

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