Review: Human Civilization

Well, I’m here in it. I experience it every day. So is it any good? Let’s take a look. Human Civilization. Here we go.

I guess the easiest way to start here is pros and cons. I’ll try to go one for one.

Pro: We made friends with dogs, and dogs are great.

Con: Billionaires exploit crises to sex traffick children internationally for massive profit.

Pro: I have seen some pretty incredible museums, especially in New York and Tokyo.

Con: On the news yesterday I saw a middle school girl get stabbed 19 times by another middle school girl because of a meme

Pro: Botanical gardens are beautiful. They smell nice, and they’re just all around downright picturesque.

Con: I had to watch footage of a Syrian child who’s skin melted off from chemical weapons used by a government that’s being used by bigger powers in a regional proxy war that’s being used by even bigger powers in a global proxy war.

Pro: We invented aviation and we can soar through the sky like birds.

Con: For a variety of reasons that all exemplify the savagery of human social systems, suicides, murders/suicides and mass murders have risen year over year for decades and something in my gut tells me it’s going according to plan.

Pro: That taco is universally beloved.

Con: Violent crime in central and Latin America is off the charts and manifests in barbarities like beheadings, public lynchings, live burials and skinnings that no human being should ever suffer.

Pro: We have incredible technologies that all us to translate foreign languages in an instant, communicate across the globe and even venture into space

Con: The most widely popular and respected person in our society, in terms of sheer numbers, is famous for making a sex tape.

How should I measure this? Let’s do it like a yelp review.

2 Stars. Disappointed. Would not come back.

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