Review: Spaghetti

As far as foods go, spaghetti is definitely one of them. It’s very carb heavy, and you get tired after eating it. It’s also very hard to stop eating it. Whenever I’m eating it, I always feel like I can eat more until I hit a really unhealthy level of bloat.

Which, you know what, is kind of an enjoyable experience. That sort of Thanksgiving Day, bloated stomach, sitting on the couch groaning kind of full. You can achieve that with about three plates of spaghetti.

Out of all the spaghetti I have, I think I have to say I’ve enjoyed Buca di Beppo spaghetti the best. It has a sort of vinegary flavor that you usually don’t find in spaghetti and the noodles are just the right thickness.

Compared to other foods, like, eh, like quesadillas or ice cream, spaghetti is not necessarily my go-to, mostly because it feels like it’s not food. Like, it feels like the food version of heavy drinking. Not much nutrition, lots of empty calories. It feels like you’re eating beer, nutritionally speaking (note to self: invent alcoholic spaghetti?). You’re basically just getting flour, egg, half a tomato, some ground beef, maybe a few tablespoons of parmesan cheese.

But it’s tasty. The actual experience of eating spaghetti is top notch. It’s fun to twirl it around on the fork, you can eat a lot of it, zingy tomato sauce tastes good.

A few times I’ve had spaghetti with carrots in the sauce and, you know what? Not half bad. Unexpected, but the carrots actually add a little texture to the sauce, the flavor kind of blends in, and it helps with that guilt factor, if only a little.

Spaghetti. Four stars. It’s a classic.

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