The Cycles of Trauma are the Current of Society

Cycles of trauma are the current of society. When a person violates another, the victim retaliates or passes it along. It spreads. How many wars were waged because one monkey hit another thousands of years ago?

Child beaters raising child beaters. Slaves dreaming to be masters. Montagues and Capulets. This world has personal traumas, regional historical psychoses, and worldwide traumas. Manifestations of human savagery.

The cycles of trauma must be broken to realize our purity of being. People must be empowered with the tools of self-discovery, and the freedom of self expression.

Too often we see a tragedy in isolation and blame just the perpetrator. The true culprit is often the cycle, of which the perpetrator is also a victim. Punish the perpetrator and ignore the root cause, the next perpetrator will be along shortly.

Too often we ignore the cycles because as painful and inconvenient as it may be, we contribute to them and we can’t face that we share in the blame for the atrocities that emerge from our societies.

This world is in dire need of healing on a grand scale.