Ashley (Bestdressed) – Fun, Hardworking, Great Taste

Ashley (Bestdressed) seems very hardworking and organized. The fact that she graduated from university so quickly, in addition to building her career in a methodical manner is somewhat intimidating. The sheer amount of effort and organizational ability that she put into creating her bullet journal is impressive.

She has a fun, goofy sort of energy that lifts my spirits, which is great because I’m generally a little bit… under-enthused. She seems overall like a very fun person. In one video she takes herself on a date to a gardening store, then to a modest but romantic homemade dinner, then to a mumford and sons concert. That seems like a date I’d like to go on. I watched the video so in a way I guess I sort of did go on it? That’s oddly intimate and kind of a weird quirk of the internet age.

She seems incredibly handy. There’s another video where she essentially renovates and redecorates a room, which is doing the job of both Jonathan brothers at once.

Most of all, I think it’s her interest in film and taste in movies that I find the most alluring. There’s a list she gives which is quite good: Inception, 500 Days of Summer, Fantastic Mr. Fox; we share a lot of the same taste and where the taste isn’t shared it’s almost a sort of direct inverse. Like the girl version of my taste.

She mentioned existential dread a few times which I literally wrote the book on, so that’s always a plus.

So I guess my yelp review of Ashley (Bestdressed) is five stars. Here’s my favorite video from her: