Savannah Brown – Smart, Introspective, Complex

Savannah Brown has a beautiful mind as well as a lot of introspective and verbal intelligence. It’s a bit strange, but I see a lot of myself in her, which is very rare because I’m a rare breed. She is intelligent, highly complex, insightful and intuitive, which are all (I think) traits that could describe me as well.

I think that her sense of style and aesthetic is very strong. She has a great voice, and the topics she discusses are all very interesting. Her spoken word poetry is delivered with a lot of passion and polish. Her word choice is very good, usually euphonic vs cacophonous and the synaesthesia it delivers is that it sounds like a thin bubble, generally delivered with, what I’ll describe in musical terms, a dynamic mix of forte, piano and allegro. Quite pleasing.

Her taste in books/films is similar to mine but skews a little younger. I did read Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, but when she mentions Spiderwick Chronicles, I relate that to The Golden Compass, which I probably read right around the same age.

Her taste skews a little more horror/macabre than mine, but I think that’s cool, and it’s not over the top dark, just a touch of Wednesday Addams/Beetlejuice darkness and Sylvia Plath melancholia. Which brings me to another point which is that her sense of style is quite cool, especially in the picture I selected for this article.

I think the thing I like most about her is her approach to discussing deeper, more meaningful issues about life and how to derive happiness and purpose from it, as well as the concept of knowing oneself, as she does in videos like “i only feel valuable when i succeed and i should cut that out” and “forming real human connections? sounds fake but ok”

Into existential dread, which I literally wrote the book on, so that’s always a plus. Also, plays the ukelele which reminds me of 21 pilots, which is one of my favorite bands.

Savannah Brown: 5 stars. Would totally hang out.