Rose Gotto (RandyTaylor69) – Cute, Smart, Witty

First of all, Rose Gotto (RandyTaylor69) is so fucking weird. I love it. That’s both the first thing I notice about her and it’s one of her defining features. She has this deadpan comedic delivery that’s unrivaled, very Daria-esque. I really enjoy, and share that kind of humor, which revels in both absurdity and blurring the lines between sarcasm and earnestness.

She does a great job at making videos that don’t have the same fame-lust and attention seeking quality that most videos on youtube have — where a typical YouTubers will stretch a fifteen second explanation into a 10 minute, unwatchable snoozefest, Rose just makes a 15 second clip to answer a question or tell a joke. Her nonplussed attitude stands out.

I like that she’s a physicist, as Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Niel deGrasse Tyson, other physicists and scientists/engineers like Tesla are a big influence on my philosophy. I don’t know the degree to which she’s a physicist — BA, Master’s, etc., but it’s a subject I enjoy quite a bit.

I hesitated to include her because she was mainly active around 2007-2013, but she seems to be somewhat active again recently, with a video lamenting the death of grotesque abomination Sonic which shows three things: 1) Her style and delivery is more polished; 2) She’s just as funny and weird as ever; and 3) She hasn’t aged in 10 years and is clearly a time traveling comedy robot. Which I suppose is what the physics was for.

Rose Gotto (RandyTaylor69) is roughly my age, which is nice in a YouTube scene that is almost exclusively Gen Z rich kids. She is/was a gamer and is into some of these nerdier hobbies which I’m trying to leave behind, but I have a feeling she’s into them at about a similar level/the right level.

The fanbase surrounding her has a realllll strange vibe, and she’s an Aries which is not ideal, and the deadpan is a little too overdone (want to see more of her silly side), I’d but other than that Rose is super cool.

Being smart, funny, and weird, I think she fits right in with Ashley and Savannah without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Yelp review 4 and a half stars.