More Good Trials of Mana Class Combos

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I wrote an article the other day telling people what the best class combo for Trials of Mana is, but I wanted to suggest more class combos. Well, I charged through the game a couple more times this week (if you play on an emulator with fast forward on you can finish it in a day). That combo, I still agree, is a great combo. However, here are some other incredible combos that make use of more characters.

Note that for the most part, I’m not down with Carlie (Charlotte). She’s pretty useless overall. Having a healer is convenient so you don’t have to manage your inventory, but that’s all it is: convenient, not necessary, and plenty of classes provide that convenience. Carlie is fine, but you shouldn’t have her in the same party as Angela or you’re gonna have a bad time.

Kevin (Warrior Monk), Hawk (Nightblade), Angela (Rune Master)

This is a killer combo. Warrior Monk provides you with a multitarget Heal Light and Leaf Saber, which you can toss on Angela to keep her MP up. Nightblade gives stat downs, and is the only character whose abilities you can’t just outright replace with items bought from the black market. Not only does he have the stat downs (which there are items to replace, but you have to farm them), he also gets blow needles (silence, very useful), black rain and deadly weapon (lowers bosses’ max HP, very useful).

Angela is not as powerful as a physical attacker overall, but almost measures up and provides two significant advantages: 1. she can nuke a screen of monsters and knock them all down to interrupt them; 2. she can hit bosses during their various ‘untargetable’ stages, which almost every boss has. Rune Master is far and away her best class.

You don’t get stat ups or sabres with this party, but you can purchase the four elemental sabres from the black market by stocking up on the ‘claw’ items, and you can get the stat ups by stocking up on the seed items.

Alternatively, you can make Kevin a Deathfist, which would bring your damage output up significantly, but you’ll be more reliant on healing items. The choice is yours.

Kevin (Deathfist), Hawk (Nightblade), Duran (Duelist)

This is the full attack squad, the three highest damage dealers in the game. I don’t think it’s quite as good as the Duran/Hawk/Reisz squad, for several reasons, but you can pretty much just run through screens murdering things without breaking a sweat. If you’re so inclined, you can make Kevin a Warrior Monk or Godhand for the heals. Godhand is probably good enough.

What this squad lacks compared to the Duran/Hawk/Reisz squad is, sure, Kevin is stronger than Reisz and you can buy power up seeds at the black market, but Reisz gets a summon called Marduk (or I guess it’s called Seraph in the official translation), which silences all enemies. This is a lifesaver for clearing screens in the endgame, where some enemies have full-screen techs that can almost wipe your party in one shot. Also, between all the healing items you need to carry and the four different stat up items, you’ll just be using power up seeds most likely. Which is fine.

If you wanted, you could replace Duran with Carlie (Sage) to get the elemental sabres + a party wide full heal, exchanging damage for utility.

That about does it for the best class combos in Trials of Mana. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this and click here for more game guides for Trials of Mana, including full class guides for every character.

Trials of Mana has a remake coming out and if you preorder now, you’ll get the Rabite Adornment DLC, which increases XP after each fight until level 10.