Top 3 Noob Friendly DotA Underlords Builds

DotA Underlords

DotA Underlords builds are often complicated. With so many different heroes and teams, learning about all the different builds can be a huge undertaking, like a gigantic research project. So, if you’re just getting started, let me turn you on to three DotA Underlords builds that are really easy to remember and to execute.

1. Knights/Trolls

This one is a no-brainer. There are 7 knights and you need 6. There are 5 trolls and you need 4. Normally, one of the toughest things about figuring out a good build is discerning which units to invest in and which units to pass on. Knights/Trolls takes a lot of the thinking out of that equation. Simply grab every knight and troll you possibly can and stick those on the field. Both the final Knight option (Sven) and the final Troll option (Troll Warlord) are 5 star units who you won’t see until end-game. So, once they appear, snag them and replace the most underperforming unit you have in that game. Easy.

2. Primordials/Mages

This is another pretty simple one. Basically, you want 6 mages, 4 primordials and Dragon Knight. Start off with Tiny and whatever mages you can grab, prioritizing human mages (Crystal Maiden, Lina, Keeper of the Light), and snag every primordial you can get your hands on. Morphling is a pretty important get, as he’s both primordial and mage. Puck is also one of the best mages in terms of DPS so you should definitely grab him. Once you have the core build together, throw Dragon Knight in there to finish off the 4 star human bonus and get the dragon bonus. Voila you have yourself a team that will melt everything in the end-game.

3. Scrappy/Assassins

Another really simple team to remember and execute. You just grab every Scrappy team member you can. There are 2 more Scrappy units than you need, but Alchemist and Techies don’t show up until the end. You’ll want to replace Sniper and Weaver. Or, be flexible and replace your lowest performing units. For assassins, you only get 3-4, so in addition to Bounty Hunter, prioritize the best assassins: Slark, Phantom Assassin and Faceless Void. You might also want to throw Shadow Fiend or another Warlock in there to finish off the 2 slot Warlock bonus you get from Alchemist.

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