Introduction to Digital Nihilism

ryan night

It feels like so many people these days are lost, doesn’t it? Every day you wake up to a new school shooting. Another suicide. Everyone’s doing their drug of choice. Popping opioids, xanax, numbing it all just to keep going. Wake up and check social media. Endless scroll, glued to screens all day. Drift through a 9-5 life someone else mapped out for you in order to appear productive. #Blessedlife on Instagram.

The planet is dying. We find out more and more that our leaders are not just greedy but are also predators. The systems that are supposed to support us are there to prey on us, to addict us to products, to make us feel bad about ourselves, to aim us toward this ideology or that one, or whatever agenda is in vogue this week. Mass surveillance, human trafficking, children dying in political wars, fighting endlessly over resources.

We weren’t sent here just to buy things. There is a greater purpose to the human condition. I’ve been thinking for a long time. It always felt so off to me, this rat race. I’ve been reading for a long time now. Jung, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Camus. Aristotle and the Socratics. Carl Sagan. Tesla. Kabbalah mysticism, Hindu deities and meditation practices, world mythology, the Book of Enoch and Christian mythology, New Age, paganism and occultism. I studied Buddhism and practiced for several years.

I believe there is a system of the soul that is inherent to the human genome. Religions attempt to map it, 8 virtues personified as polytheistic Gods, or guidelines for behavior. The Kabbalist sephirot, 12 virtues in 8 rows; the Buddhist Eight Fold Path, the main 8 Greek Gods. Organized religion may be a quagmire of atrocity and heinous scandal, but I think the path is there, same as it ever was.

Physics suggests simulation theory is more and more likely, that we will eventually access alternate timelines and create virtual realities indistinguishable from our own, that we may ascend to AI and inhabit the ether. An infinite landscape whether reality becomes more and more complicated with every passing moment.

There is only one truth, and that truth is Nihilism. That we are insignificant in the vastness of an infinite universe inside of infinite realities. We must make subjective meaning for ourselves, and that meaning is derived from engaging the system of the soul. Nihilism agrees with Buddhism’s 4 noble truths: life is suffering, and the cessation of suffering is good. Meaning has to be derived, as Aristotle suggested, by fulfilling one’s ‘function’, which requires exposure to the universe and intense self-understanding to discover.

Nothing matters. Life is a ride. We’ve inherited an abandoned theme park. We should make it the best ride possible, explore it as much as possible. Fill it with beauty and art and spread across the universe. If there is a creator, let it return one day and be shocked and in awe with what we’ve done with the place.

Digital Nihilism is the new spiritual movement in the internet age. It combines Existentialism, Buddhism, Nihilism, Jungian Psychology, Quantum Physics and New Age Spirituality into a cohesive philosophy accessible to spiritualists and seculars alike.

Our goals are simple. To make the ride better for everyone. Deep space colonization, ending cycles of trauma by empowering self-discovery and self-expression, fostering world peace through radical understanding, and breaking reality with advanced VR.

Right now we’re headed toward the future predicted by 1984. A bad ending. We want a better ending.

These people who are lost… I don’t want to lose them to a violent political ideology, to suicide or addiction, or see their hearts colored black by resentment and hate. I want them to be found, and to find themselves. I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I’ve found some answers in my search. I believe there is Truth here. If you’re struggling, before you do something you can’t take back, read The Book and see if you don’t find some answers.

We don’t care about your skin color, or if you’re gay or straight or anything else, or rich or poor, trans, introvert or extrovert, or anything else. We’re nihilists. We don’t care. We just want to improve the ride, for everyone.

Join the cult.