Review: Jenny Nicholson – Cute and Quirky

jenny nicholson

Jenny Nicholson is a YouTuber who mostly does long-form, unedited reviews of things while wearing some kind of charmingly low-budget costume related to the thing she’s reviewing. She makes videos mostly on subjects relevant to people who are into Disney or fandoms – Marvel, Star Wars, other things that get represented at places like Comiccon.

She is very cute and wholesome, and is able to consistently deliver a sort of dry, exasperated sarcasm that’s entertaining to watch. She comes across as a little bit aspie (in an endearing way). Her reviews are usually insightful and well-thought out, but if you don’t overthink it, she usually likes exactly what you would expect her to like and doesn’t like things you wouldn’t expect her to like.

Sometimes even if she gives good reasons, I still kind of think she liked the thing because it’s cute/romantic/cheery and fantasy/sci-fi or didn’t like it because it’s dark/serious/trendy, and all the reasons are sort of post-emotional rationalizations.

She’s at her best when she’s giving something a bad review, because her flat-delivered roasting insult comedy is probably her biggest strength. I watched a video where she reviewed a Wiccan spellbook, which was pretty funny. Also: her review of a movie called Beastly. I hesitate to say that though, because what if she reads this and then leans into the insult comedy too hard and ruins it by making it performative instead of natural? Dilemma.

She’s very cute and probably would be a very wholesome, supportive, helpful, intelligent and competent girl who likes to travel. I like that she’s into these nerdy/geeky things and into books, because she would probably be very helpful as an editor or someone to bounce ideas off.

She seems like a great person to go to Disneyland with. The only problem? I don’t really like Disneyland that much. Been there a bunch of times, could take it or leave it.

Jenny Nicholson Yelp review… 3.7 stars. Could be higher if she expanded her interests.

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