Best Gamebreaking Personas in Persona 5

Looking for the best personas in Persona 5? These personas are the ultimate, most broken game breakers around.

1. Yoshitsune
This is obvious. At the top of everyone’s list is Yoshitsune. He has the best physical move in the game, Hassou-Tobi, and that’s basically all you need. Beyond that you just throw whatever passives on him you want and get his strength up to 99 (you actually only need 89 if you’re using the best gun and the crystal skull accessory — which you should be). The way to go with passives is to put all the best physical attack passives on him and then load him up with resist and drain passives to become invincible. Yoshitsune is easily the best persona in Persona 5 and everyone knows it.

best persona 5 personas yoshitsune

2. Kaguya
Just like Yoshitsune is the most broken physical attacker, Kaguya is the most broken magical attacker, at least when it comes to single target. Shining Arrows does a ridiculous amount of damage. Yoshitsune is probably overall a little better, but Kaguya is gamebreaking in her own right and she’s available a lot sooner. Just like Yoshitsune, you want to load her up with as many magic boosting passives as possible.

best persona 5 personas kaguya

3. Trumpeter
You’re not going to want to waste slots on Yoshitsune or Kaguya that could go to more damage boosting passives, so you’re going to want a dedicated support Persona, and when it comes to that, there is no substitute for Trumpeter, who can learn Debilitate, Charge, Concentrate, and every other support skill you could possibly want. Max out his agility.

best persona 5 personas trumpeter

4. Alice
Kaguya is a DLC, so if you don’t want to splurge for her (or, like I did, you want a backup mage specifically for crowd clearing), Alice is the go-to replacement. Plus, she’s, in my opinion, probably the coolest looking persona in the game. The reason Kaguya edges her out is that she gets Shining Arrows and can have her levelups controlled from a much lower level, but Megalodoan and Black Viper on Alice are no joke.

best persona 5 personas alice

5. Sataniel
Sataniel is supposed to be the gamebreaking reward Persona for NG+ but honestly he’s not great offensively, mostly because his stats are too balanced and he comes at too high of a level to max anything out. However, he has all sorts of defensive resistances, so as a kind of tank he’s pretty good. You could load him up on regenerator passives and probably see a good result.

p5 sataniel

6. Sandman
It doesn’t have to be this persona specifically, but you’re going to want a persona with high luck and agility who learns Pulinpa and Confuse Boost, because the best way to farm money in Persona is to confuse the various memento bosses you encounter through the game and have them toss money at you. You should start doing this as early as possible in fact, and most people like Sandman because of his early game availability.

persona 5 sandman

These are the best personas you can make in Persona 5. Good luck collecting them! It’ll take a lot of time and money to perfect your squad, but once you’ll do you’ll have that satisfaction forever. If you like this content, check out more similar content in the games section.