Hitomi Mochizuki – Great Personality, Rockin Bod

Hitomi Mochizuki is a free spirit/yoga/new age hippie YouTuber with a great personality and a rockin bod. She’s half Japanese, she lives in New York, and she’s got an infectious enthusiasm for life that’s quite alluring. It’s a sort of mix of contentment and seize the day excitement.

She said something in one of her videos that I quite liked and it’ll probably stick with me. It went something like, “I don’t know why so many people hate their bodies. It works hard for you. It carries you around and nourishes you. So you should love it for that, even just your wrist, instead of hating it because it’s not beautiful enough for other people.”

Something along those lines. I thought that was very cool.

I find it hard to be physically into Hitomi despite her amazing body. Her facial structure just doesn’t stand out to me overall. She looks better in her earlier videos before she started… trying too hard? Actually, I’m not sure what changed, I don’t know enough about makeup. But whatever she was doing when she started was better (to me). Her face isn’t unattractive by any means, but I weight the face very heavily in my overall attraction calculus. Her personality and attitude, as well as her body, all combine to get her on this exclusive list of alluring YouTubers, though.

I don’t much care for the amount of risque/nude photos I casually encountered of her online just from googling her to get an image for this review. It strikes me as… somewhat insecure? Anyway, no judgment, it’s just not my taste. She makes genuine content so it’s not like she’s exclusively trading access to her body for views. Just not something I personally find endearing. And I don’t mean dressing sexy or revealing, etc., in videos which actually I view as a positive insofar as it’s a) sexy and b) fits in with her personality and brand. I feel like that walks the line of sexy/risque personal style and where I get off the train is where that line starts tilting over to ‘porn’. Not that I have any problem with pornstars or sex workers, but I’m reviewing YouTuber crushes here. It’s sort of like a relationship fantasy, which sure sex is a part of, but it’s not a sex fantasy.

Like most new age YouTubers it’s a pretty standard mix of exercise/yoga, vegan food recipes and vlogging. Hitomi is particularly good at this format, I think, especially when it comes to these sort of “omg the world is so amazing and beautiful and we should all cherish it and have gratitude” monologues.

Anyway at one point I was gonna give Hitomi like a 3.9, now it’s probably like a 3.6. She loses out to Juliana pretty heavily in an apples to apples comparison because Juliana is hotter, more wholesome and, I recently learned thanks to a chastising commenter, reveals a great, very kind/nice personality in her vlogs. Although it’s kind of not fair to say Juliana is hotter because like… who is Juliana not hotter than? But actually they were almost tied to me at one point before I learned new information about Juliana that I viewed positively and new information about Hitomi that I viewed somewhat negatively.

I think she looks particularly nice in this one. This is the Hitomi that was going to get a 3.9: