Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

Let’s do this YouTube crushes list in order, I guess. Note, I haven’t reviewed all of these… yet. I may not. This list is subject to change, and other legal disclaimers. I realize the order of this doesn’t reflect the numerical rankings I gave them at all. I am a fickle, fickle reviewer. The order will almost certainly be different tomorrow.

1. Anna Akana
She just seems really nice. Very hard working. Silly. Open, Probably a good communicator. Probably protective. Probably good at cheering you up.

annaban Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

2. Juliana Spicoluk aka Boho Beautiful
I mean, just out of this world, next-level shooting the moon, supermodel hot. Hits that wholesome hot yoga teacher archetype and epitomizes it.

boho beautiful

3. Ashley (Bestdressed)
Silly, great taste in movies, very productive and hardworking. Very sweet, has somewhat of an innocent vibe.

download 5.jpg?zoom=1 Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

4. Savannah Brown
Very introspective, creative and comfortable with being a little weird. Has strong verbal acuity, very existentialistic.

5 b67WgH6Vssd.jpg?zoom=1 Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

5. Lana Blakely
Smart, introspective, probably somewhat calculating. Seems to have a good combination of heart and strategic thinking, which is a great combo.

maxresdefault 12.jpg?zoom=1 Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

6. Rose Gotto (RandyTaylor69)
Very intelligent, has great dry wit delivery, pretty cool nerdy tastes and a very interesting specialization in physics.

5.jpeg?zoom=1 Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

7. Olivia (Witch of Wonderlust)
Surrounded by really cool style, feel like being around her comes with a setting, like being in some kind of cool grotto or something. Seems like a cool, fun person to hang out with. Just seems really easygoing.

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8. Miley Cyrus
I realize Miley Cyrus isn’t a YouTuber and I’m kind of cheating, but I feel like Miley would punch someone in the face for me, and that goes a long way with me.

miley cyrus file gty jef Current Top 8 YouTube Crushes

That’s the top 8 YouTube crushes out of all YouTubers. Sorry, various cosplay models and twitch streamers etc etc. Didn’t make the cut. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go write their names + Ryan all over a notebook like a teenage girl.