Top 3 Intermediate DotA Underlords Builds

DotA Underlords

These are 3 strong DotA Underlords builds for you to try out. I covered the easiest go-to builds for beginners in another post, so let’s move on to 3 more builds that are a little more intermediate, but also are pretty easy to remember and pretty reliable to execute.

1. Heartless/Hunters

A lot of people suggest going Defenders/Hunters, which is already, but personally when it comes to Hunters, I’ve had better luck with Heartless/Hunters because everything just melts. What’s kind of nice about this build is once you hit 3 hunters & 4 heartless (level 6), you’re free to decide whether to go full hunters or full heartless. I like full heartless a little bit more. Obviously, early game you’re going to want Drow, Shadow Demon, Pudge, Windrunner and hopefully Abaddon & Lifestealer come up for you early. After that, it’s pretty simple to execute.

2. Defenders/Brutes

For Defenders, again, a lot people like Defenders/Hunters, which is certainly a good build. Another popular build is Defenders/Healers, which also has a pretty strong performance, but I’ve done pretty well with Defenders/Brutes in the past. In addition to the Defender bonus, Brutes has all these buff spells that are actually incredibly useful for Defenders: Frenzy, Empower, Treant’s heal, all that on top of the Brute bonus. You also get a bunch of little minor team bonuses. Lifestealer + Pudge for one Heartless, Blademaster + Axe for a Brawny bonus, etc.

3. Assassins/Insects

Assassins/Insects is a very stupid build that you will definitely will game with if you can upgrade some of your heroes early. If you can get ahead of the power curve, you will most likely stay ahead of it. This one’s a no brainer: you pick up all the assassins you can, obviously prioritizing Nyx, and then Weaver and Broodmother/Sand King. If your Weaver isn’t strong by the time Broodmother and Sand King start showing up, just use the two better insects. I like to use Broodmother and Weaver because if you toss in Alchemist you also get a Warlock bonus and a Scrappy bonus, but Sand King has that very useful stun. Up to you.

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