Top 8 BEST Suikoden 3 Characters

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I’ve already covered the best characters in Suikoden 2, so let’s move on to the best Suikoden 3 characters.

Unlike Suikoden 2, where a character’s usefulness is almost entirely based on rune slots, Suikoden 3 introduces a skills system that evens the playing field for several of the characters who don’t have every rune slot open. Here what tends to matter is (for physical attackers) the amount of times they can attack in a round and (for magical attackers) their magic skill rank and the strength of the runes they can equip.

1. Emily – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Emily is the best character in the game, hands down. She gets an S in swing and is unarmed, which is a weapon with no weight, so she attacks 8 (!) times per round. Seriously, it’s just no contest. Put Emily on your team, she wrecks.

best suikoden 3 characters emily

2. Juan – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Juan is the same deal as Emily, the only difference is you need to waste an equipment slot on him in order to prevent the sleep status that he starts every battle with. Otherwise, Juan and Emily are basically tied. Also, he’s sleepy and he chews on a leaf. What more could you ask for? You should consider putting both in your party for maximum devastation.

best suikoden 3 characters juan

3. Geddoe – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Geddoe gets the True Lightning Rune (or the True Fire Rune, which is a worse rune), has insane magic stats, and is capable of achieving an S in lightning magic with a few pieces of equipment.

Geddoe’s unique True Lightning Rune is probably the best attack magic rune in the game, thus making Geddoe the best mage in the game. Additionally he’s a very above-average physical attacker (strong weapon, ~3 hits per round).

best suikoden 3 characters geddoe

4. Hugo/Fubar – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Hugo is pretty good on his own (gets a lot of hits, probably 4-5), but having him ride Fubar combines his speed with massive power, so those 4-5 hits hit like a truck. On top of that, he gets the True Fire Rune which is… I don’t know, it’s pretty good, I guess. You’ll still mostly use him as a physical attacker.

best suikoden 3 characters hugo

5. Watari – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Similar to Emily & Juan, but only gets about 6 hits. Still, he’s super fast and 6 hits is still well above average for a physical attacker. He also gets 3 free rune slots, so you can pump him up with Fury + Double Strike + Killer (or another passive damage increase rune)

best suikoden 3 characters watari

6. Chris – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Chris gets the True Water Rune, but her magic is garbage — you have to pump her up with magic stones if you ever want access to the last True Water Rune spell. Still, she’s a strong physical attacker and because the True Water Rune is a tier above the other Water Runes, she’s still probably the best healer you have access to.

best suikoden 3 characters chris

7. Sasarai – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Sasarai gets the True Earth Rune and very high overall magic skills. He’s probably the best mage in the game in terms of straight magical power. The True Earth Rune isn’t particularly powerful compared to the other elemental True Runes, but it’s still pretty good.

best suikoden 3 characters sasarai

8. Nei – Best Suikoden 3 Characters

Nei is a support mage who gets the Jongleur rune, which basically buffs the attack power of your party. This is a big force multiplier for physical teams, especially ones focused on Emily, Juan, Hugo/Fubar and Watari. Emily and Juan may be able to pop the final boss in one round if they’re powered up by Nei. Food for thought.

best suikoden 3 characters nei

That about covers it when it comes to the best Suikoden 3 characters. Be sure to check out the Main Page or the Game Guides section for more guides like this.