YouTuber Review: Witch of Wonderlust

Olivia (Witch of Wonderlust) is a YouTuber who mostly makes videos focused around tarot, paganism and ‘witch’ related topics. She seems like quite a cool girl, and has a very pretty smile.

Overall, what strikes me most about her videos is sort of her strength with interior decorating and just having all sorts of cool, stylish things. If she has a tea kettle, it’s a dope, sick, totally kickin rad tea kettle. If she has a tarot deck, it’s a very nice, unique one. I think she has a strong design sense and as a result her environment seems really unique and comfortable.

Her personality comes across as very approachable and, in a word, chill. She seems like someone who is relatively even-tempered, and that even temper is set at “generally pretty upbeat”. Obviously people are not typically like that, but that’s the way it comes across in the videos. Has a very “Earth sign” kind of demeanor. I don’t know what her sign is. Let’s look it up.

Didn’t find it. But I did find out that she has a website and that she has some very cool fashion merch on there in addition to what she’s doing on YouTube.

In one video, she cuts off all of her hair. I’m not sure whether she looks better or worse with short hair. I think both styles work for her. Having first seen her with short hair, the long hair version is the one that looks different to me.

Rating Olivia (Witch of Wonderlust)… 4.2 stars.

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