FF8 Guide – Getting Squall’s Best Weapon on Disc 1


If you’re playing Final Fantasy 8 (FF8), you’re going to want to pick up the Lion Heart, Squall’s best weapon, as early as you possibly can. Not only does it provide a significant boost in attack power, but it also unlocks Squall’s strongest limit break which is… also called Lionheart. If you’re like me, and most people who played FF8, you’ll be using the Lionheart limit break to cheese your way through most of the difficult encounters, so it’s pretty much indispensable.

So here’s how you get Squall’s best weapon in FF8 as early as possible. You need 3 rare ingredients: Adamantite x1, Dragon Fang x4, and Pulse Ammo x12.

Step 1: Dragon Fang x4

This one’s easy. In the forests around Timber, you’ll encounter an enemy called a Grendel, which is a beefy looking ground-based dragon. You want to make sure you have a low level, as the Grendel enemies only drop Dragon Fangs if you’re below level 20. Since we’re focused on finding these fangs and not grinding levels, you may want to save before you attempt this in case you get too overleveled. Keep in mind the fangs are a drop, not a steal, so avoid mugging Dragon Fins from the Grendels, as enemies you’ve stolen from can’t drop items. Just kill a ton of Grendels like normal and get 4 of these. If you’re getting close to level 20, start killing them with Quetzacoatl’s “Card” ability to avoid gaining XP.

Step 2: Pulse Ammo x12

This one you have to get through a combination of Quetzacoatl’s Card Mod ability and the Ammo-RF ability that can be obtained for Ifrit. What you need are 20 Elnoyle cards. You can get these from Cid, Zell’s mom, and basically any other card player that uses named or high-level cards. You’re going to be playing a lot of Triple Triad here, so you might as well pick up the Quistis card from the Trepies in the cafeteria, the Seifer card from Cid, the Zell card from Zell’s mom, and the MiniMog card from the kid who runs around Balamb Garden’s main hub in a circle. Once you have 20 Elnoyle’s refine them into 2 Energy Crystals with the Card Mod ability, and then refine those two Energy Crystals into 20 Pulse Ammo with the Ammo-RF ability.

Step 3: Adamantium

This one is pretty much the opposite of the Grendel method. You need to farm this from a monster, but you have to be above level 20 this time. This monster can’t be encountered until the end of Disc 1, or else you’d be able to get Squall’s best weapon almost as soon as you start the game. Run around on the beach between Deling City and the Minotaur’s Tomb. Eventually, you’ll encounter some tortoises called Adamantoises. Just keep killing these things while being above level 20 and you should end up with an Adamantium pretty quickly.

That’s it. That’s how to get Squall’s best weapon, the Lion Heart, in FF8 at the earliest possible opportunity. Now that you have the ingredients, just head to any Junk Shop and pick up the Lion Heart. Be prepared to breeze through the rest of the game.

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