3 Great Advanced DotA Underlords Builds

DotA Underlords

I’ve covered beginner DotA Underlords builds and intermediate DotA Underlords builds, but what are some advanced builds to help the more seasoned player make it through to the end of games?

First of all, as you’re getting more advanced with DotA Underlords, you’re beginning to understand the power of individual units and unit combos, and you’re beginning to be a lot more flexible about your builds, picking and choosing from what’s available rather than trying to brute force a particular build.

We’ll be taking that into account as we go over 3 more advanced DotA Underlords builds.

NOTE: Now that the White Spire update is out, be sure to check out the Alliance Tier List for the current meta.

1. Mages/Spirits/Defenders/Primordials/Humans

This is a build that can win games, but it requires a pretty specific lineup. In essence, this is a spirits build, and with spirits you have 3 options for synergy: defenders, assassins, and mages. Most people go assassins, but I tend to find that the units spread out a lot, taking the edge off the spirits’ delta attack, and ember spirit/earth spirit are both in danger of dying before the delta attack even goes off. But Mages/Defenders/Spirits doesn’t have that problem. Here’s what you want for this lineup:

Tiny, Earth Spirit, Kunkka
Razor, Storm Spirit, Keeper of the Light
Ember Spirit, Ember Spirit, Void Spirit

With Spirit builds, it’s good to double up your spirits. So once you’ve got the core 7 (Tiny, ES, Kunkka, Razor, SS, KotL, Ember), for your 8th, use whatever 2 star spirit you have, and then slot Void Spirit in there for your 8th/9th when he becomes available.

2. Champion/Humans/Bloodbound/Deadeye/Trolls/Scrappy/Sages/Warlocks/Hunters/Savages

Yeah, that’s a pretty long list. The real entry here is Legionnaire builds in general. Legion gets (currently) +3% attack power and +8% health for every active alliance, in addition to the bonuses for that alliance. As you can see there are 10 alliances on that list, so that’s 30% damage and 80% health, in addition to all those bonuses. Here are the characters to accomplish that:

Legion (Human, Champion)
Bloodseeker (Bloodbound, Deadeye)
Shadow Shaman (Troll, Sage)
Witch Doctor (Troll, Warlock)
Warlock (Bloodbound, Warlock, Healer)
Sniper (Scrappy, Hunter, Deadeye)
Weaver (Scrappy, Hunter, Insect)
Lone Druid (Savage, Sage)
Lycan (Savage, Hunter, Human)

This is not the end-all-be-all Legion build. With Legion builds in particular you have to be pretty flexible and sort of just build as many alliances as possible while still having a functional team, but the cores tend to include Bloodseeker, Sniper and Lycan.

NOTE: As of February, Scrappy has been removed from the game (temporarily) and Lycan is no longer a hunter. However, this lineup remains mostly unchanged, due to Lone Druid and Lycan both gaining the Summoner alliance. You might want to check out the Legion build article for more general tips on how to make a strong Legion build.

3. Dragons/Knights/Humans/Scrappy/Inventors/Warlocks

This one is a tough one to pull off because all the core units except one are mid-game units, but it involves having Viper facetank with support from the knights while Dragon Knight and Snapfire blow everything up from the second row. Here are the units you’re looking for:

Dragon Knight (Human, Dragon, Knight)
Snapfire (Dragon, Inventor)
Viper (Dragon, Assassin)
Omniknight (Knight, Human, Healer)
Shadow Fiend (Demon, Warlock)
Alchemist (Scrappy, Warlock)
Clockwork (Scrappy, Inventor)
Sven (Human, Knight)
Abaddon (Heartless, Knight)

Just like with the Legion build, you have to be very flexible with a Dragon build. Your core team is Dragon Knight/Viper/Snapfire. Beyond that, just try to get the best units you have access to while still fulfilling as many alliance bonuses as you can.

NOTE: As of February, Scrappy has been (temporarily) removed from the game and Alchemist has been rotated out. However, Snapfire is now Brawny, so replace all the Scrappy units from this build with Brawny units and you should be good to go. Brawny + Savages or Brawny + Knights should serve you well.

That does it for the advanced DotA Underlords builds. For beginner builds click here and for intermediate builds click here. Click here for tips for general tips. Be sure to check the Games Section for more game guides and content like this.

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