Trials of Mana – How to Get the Best Weapons/Armor

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If you’re playing Trials of Mana / Seiken Densetsu 3, you’re going to want to get the best weapons and armor for each character. Lucky for you, in this particular game, there is no long-winded quest-chain for each individual character. Every character’s best equipment comes from the same place: weapon and armor seeds.

So, in Trials of Mana, to get the best weapons and armor, all you have to do is collect a ridiculous amount of these seeds and then plant them at the inn to receive a random piece of ultimate equipment. There’s basically two parts to that: finding the seeds, and then planting the seeds.

NOTE: In the Remake you can get endgame gear from any seed as long as you’ve unlocked the endgame classes. Rainbow Seeds have the highest chance to drop them, and they drop them more often with max level flower bed and the Li’l Cactus seed bonus.

Finding the Seeds

The seeds drop from enemies in the final areas of the game. The earliest possible places you can obtain them are Pedan from the Great Rabites there (most likely you’ll be farming for ??? Seeds in Pedan, so you’re probably going to pick up a couple Weapon/Armor Seeds by accident). If you’re playing as Hawk/Riesz, you’re in luck — they have the opportunity to fight Lesser Demons in the Navarre Throne room much earlier than anyone else, and those Lesser Demons have a chance to drop Weapon/Armor seeds.

Otherwise, you’re looking for specific enemies in the final dungeon of the game for each character. If you’re playing as Duran/Angela, you want to kill Nightblades. If Kevin/Charlotte, you’re looking for Wolf Devils. If Hawk/Riesz, you’re looking for Lesser Demons. Remember you have to kill the intended monster last in order to get an item from its drop pool.

NOTE: In the Remake, Gold and Rainbow seeds have the best chance to drop endgame gear, and they can be found commonly in the final dungeons and the bonus dungeon in the post-game.

Planting the Seeds

The first seed you plant, don’t worry about it. Just plant it and get something. You’re going to need 12 seeds total, but you’ll probably want more because of the random nature of this process. Each time you plant a seed, you get a random piece of equipment for a random slot for a random character. So the general strategy you should employ for getting the best weapons and armor from Weapon/Armor seeds in Trials of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3 is to save then plant a seed, if you get something new, save and plant another seed. This gets harder and more annoying as the process goes on, which is why you’re going to want extra seeds. That way, when you start getting to 2-3 pieces of equipment left to acquire, you can save and plant a handful of seeds to see if you get something new.

NOTE: In the Remake, plant all your seeds often to max out your flower bed. Try to save Gold and Rainbow seeds until you class change into 3rd tier and 4th tier classes.

That about does it for how to get the best weapons and armor from Weapon/Armor seeds in Trials of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3.

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Trials of Mana has a remake coming out and if you preorder now, you’ll get the Rabite Adornment DLC, which increases XP after each fight until level 10.