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If you’re playing Breath of Fire 3 (BoF3), you’re going to want the best equipment for Garr. All the best weapons, armor and accessories become available by the final dungeon, so with a little bit of elbow grease, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty acquiring these.


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Garr sure does look cool, and when you get him he seems very powerful. In the long run, he’s just sort of a… less good version of Peco, in every conceivable way. Luckily his best equipment is generally very easy to acquire.

Weapon: Beast Spear
Shield: Aries Gloves/Giant Shield
Helmet: Divine Helm
Armor: Gideon’s Garb
Accessory 1: Ivory Charm
Accessory 2: Ivory Charm


  • The Beast Spear is the easiest, and earliest, ultimate weapon you can acquire. After you defeat Geist in the solo battle with Ryu, make sure to inspect his ashes before you leave the room, and you’ll get Garr’s best spear. Don’t leave the room before getting this; if you do, the ashes, and your chance to get this weapon, will be gone forever.
  • If, for some reason, you don’t end up getting the Beast Spear, his second best spear is Rufad’s Spear, which you get by beating the Berzerkr in the Container Yard.
  • Aries Gloves are a common steal from the Berzerkr in the Container Yard. It’s the best shield for every character so you’re going to want 6 of them. Garr, uniquely, has a shield with higher defense than Aries Gloves (by 1 point), but it doesn’t have the attack bonus that Aries Gloves have and its weight is 3 higher. Still, you could equip it if you just want something different on someone. You get it behind a locked door in the Laboratory in Myria Station.
  • Divine Helm is dropped by Wraiths in the Eden section of Myria Station or, more rarely, by Gold Eggs in the Factory. It’s also Rei’s best in slot helmet, so I wouldn’t recommend farming two of these. Just get one and copy it at the Faerie Village Copy Shop.
  • Gideon’s Garb is the hardest thing to get on this list. It’s a rare drop from Armors in the earlier section of Myria Station. You have to kill them without breaking their armor, which generally means killing them with magic.
  • Ivory Charms increase resistance to status effects and elemental magic by 50% and they stack. They’re relatively difficult to acquire. You have to win them from a distant expedition. I recommend save scumming in order to acquire these. Save before you visit the village to make sure your best faeries aren’t dead, then save at the village inn before you talk to the faeries. If they found something, it’ll randomize on reset. However, if they didn’t find anything, that’s locked in when you enter the village.

With any rare equipment, especially accessories, you can use the Faerie Village Copy Shop to create duplicates. When it comes to accessories, although Spirit Rings and Ivory Charms are hands down the best, you may find a use for Thunder/Ice/Fire rings, stat boosters and Soul Gems. It’s up to your personal preference.

That about does it for the best equipment for Garr in Breath of Fire 3 (BoF3). Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Breath of Fire 3.

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