Final Fantasy 7: Ultimate FF7 Limit Breaks

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If you’re playing Final Fantasy 7 (FF7), you’re going to want all the best ultimate limit breaks for every character. Luckily for you, most of the best level 4 limit breaks in FF7 aren’t terribly hard to find. Some require a bit more work than others, but for the most part, they’re not too difficult to collect. Of course, the ultimate limit breaks in FF7 aren’t necessarily the best limit breaks. So I’ll mention those too, where applicable.


All you have to do in order to get Cloud’s ultimate level 4 limit break (Omnislash), is score 32,000 points in the Gold Saucer Battle Arena. This really isn’t that hard, especially if you’re pretty far in the game. Just equip some defense against status effects and with a little bit of luck you should be fine.

Is Omnislash Cloud’s best limit break? Yes.


The easiest of the ultimate limit breaks to obtain in FF7. Once meteor has been summoned, return to North Corel. Talk to the woman in the middle house on the West side of the town and she’ll fork over the Catastrophe limit break.

Is Catastrophe Barret’s best limit break? Except for under extreme circumstances (max stats, multiple hero drinks), yes. It’s possible for Angermax to outdamage it, but it takes a lot of effort to get to that point.


Head to Tifa’s house in Nibelheim and play this song:
R1/L1+Triangle, R1/L1+Square, X, Square, Triangle, R1/L1+X, O, X, Square, X

The piano will spit out Tifa’s ultimate limit break, Final Heaven.

Is Final Heaven Tifa’s best limit break? Yes. As you probably know, Tifa casts all her limit breaks every time she activates it, so it’s the best in that it adds a 7th hit to her combo.


Once you get the buggy, take it over to Junon Area (yes, you can ride the boat and bring the buggy with you). Across the nearby river, there’s a cave that was previously inaccessible. If you talk to the guy in there when you’ve fought a number of battles ending in the same last two digits (i.e. 211 or 188), he’ll give you Mythril. Take that Mythril to the weapons seller in the lone hut near Gold Saucer and open the small box to find Aeris’s level 4 limit break, Great Gospel.

Is it Great Gospel Aeris’s best limit break? Yes. It fully heals your party and makes them invincible.

Red XIII – Best FF7 Limit Breaks

When you get to Nibelheim, find the four numbers and open the safe (you need to do this to recruit Vincent anyway). You’ll fight a boss called Lost Number. After beating him, you’ll be rewarded with Red XIII’s ultimate limit break, Cosmo Memory.

Is Cosmo Memory Red XIII’s best limit break? No. It only hits once, so it’s actually quite terrible. Earth Rave at Level 3 is better.

Yuffie – Best FF7 Limit Breaks

After completing the initial events at Wutai, return and go to the pagoda. There you’ll use Yuffie in a series of solo battles as she climbs the tower and eventually faces off against her father, Godo, at the very top. When you defeat Godo, you’ll get Yuffie’s ultimate limit break, All Creation.

Is All Creation Yuffie’s best limit break? No. It only hits once, so it’s not very good at all. Doom of the Living at Level 3 is Yuffie’s best limit break by far (hits 15 times).


If you have the submarine or a gold chocobo, you can find Lucrecia’s Cave in the Nibel area. Go there on Disc 2 to meet Lucrecia, then return on Disc 3 to acquire Vincent’s ultimate weapon and ultimate limit break, Chaos.

Is Chaos Vincent’s best limit break? All of Vincent’s limit breaks are quite bad, and Chaos is also bad. It may be the best in the sense that they’re all somewhat equally bad.

Cid – Best FF7 Limit Breaks

Once you get the submarine, head to the crashed Gelnika (the crashed plane). Inside, in the cargo bay, you’ll find Cid’s best limit break, Highwind, sitting in a chest.

Is Highwind Cid’s best limit break? Yes, it’s a multihit limit break and it’s very powerful.

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