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grace randolph

Continuing my segment on YouTuber Reviews, next up is a review of Grace Randolph. Grace is a prominent film critic who makes regular videos with trailer reactions, trailer breakdowns, film reviews and insights about the movie business all delivered with her signature style. What is her signature style? It’s unique – it’s sort of the film critic version of a newscaster, combined with a dramatic eyebrow raise.

Grace makes great content overall, especially if you’re a fan of movies. She often gives an interesting look into the behind-the-scenes studio decision making. She’s a big fan of fandom type content — your comic book movies, your Star Wars stuff, etc., and she’s a big enthusiast about the source material, so she can often be trusted to notice things about these movies that fly under the radar for most people. She’s also usually pretty good about covering things that don’t get enough press — I saw Upgrade because of her review, and I regret nothing (Upgrade was fantastic).

Another thing I like about the content Grace produces is she’s good about giving a female perspective on the film business that doesn’t come across as political. She talks about the costuming, and the way she thinks decisions come across to particular demographics in a way that’s interesting rather than aggressive or ideological.

I don’t always agree with Grace’s takes. For example, she thought the recent Birds of Prey trailer wouldn’t appeal to men because it lacks sex appeal, but I thought it looks like a pretty stylish movie and I liked the song. I mean, I’m not a huuuuge comic book movie fan in general (I like them alright), so I’m not gushing over this trailer, but it looks about as good as most of the other sort of mid-tier, casually released comic book movies. Looks better than the Black Widow movie. But I like that she has takes, you know? Yeah, you know. You get it.

One thing she does that’s unique to her is her segment called Movie Math, where she breaks down the earnings for various movies during a time period and provides some analysis. I like analysis, I like business stuff, I like entertainment. So that all works for me.

Overall Grace Randolph comes across as very competent, very reliable (regular uploads), knowledgeable about movies, possessing a good film education, and trustworthy in terms of her opinions. In the film YouTuber sphere (which is one of my favorite YouTuber spheres), I think Grace is a great content creator.

I give her channel an (dun dun dun, drum rolllllllllllllllllllll) A-. Actually, I don’t have a rating system. It’s good stuff. That’s my rating. You can find her channel here.

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