YouTuber Review: Jeremy Jahns

jeremy jahns

After reviewing Grace Randolph, I feel compelled to review one of my other favorite film critic YouTubers, Jeremy Jahns. I don’t want anyone to think I’m playing favorites. Like Grace, Jeremy has a signature style he uses to deliver his content, which is also sort of this film critic newscaster kind of approach which combines a compelling energy and enthusiasm with what I can only describe as… ponderance. This sort of fingers on the chin “hmmm” kind of delivery. His videos have great pacing; I get the sense that he’s developed a fantastic 6th sense for editing the beats of his videos just right to give them that signature Jeremy Jahns style.

If I like a movie and I want to see what other people are saying about it (actually, this is usually how it goes — I watch YouTube reviews for movies I already saw a lot more often than I watch reviews for movies I’m thinking about seeing), I usually go check out Jeremy’s take. For a couple of reasons. First, I generally like his take. Second, he talks fast and he doesn’t pad his videos out to be 10 minutes, and he doesn’t make unwatchable 2 hour discussion videos. 2 hours is the length of the movie dudes. I don’t want to watch a movie-length reaction video to a movie. Jeremy gets in there, says what he wants to say, and gets out.

Also, Jeremy’s interests extend beyond film and into other areas of entertainment, especially video games and I think that he generally has good taste in things, so I think we’d be buds, at least in terms of taste in stuff. He’s like my distant, parasocial internet bud who talks about movies with me but I can never talk back to. That’s very sad and pathetic now that I wrote that. It’s not even true, I just wrote it to be funny and use the word parasocial. There’s a bigger point buried here somewhere about the way these one-sided online relationships are unhealthy. Anyway, moving on.

Jeremy has a somewhat bizarre amount of consistency. He’s always dressed kind of the same way. He always delivers his thoughts in the same beats and cadences. This isn’t a criticism, there’s a certain amount of comfort in that.

This post kind of went off the rails. I’m gonna end it here. Anyway, I like Jeremy Jahns‘ channel. Check it out.

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