YouTuber Review: Chris Stuckmann

chris stuckmann

This is a review of Chris Stuckmann on YouTube, where he reviews all the latest movies. Except he hasn’t reviewed The Gentlemen yet. Beat you to the punch, Chris! Anyway, alongside Grace Randolph and Jeremy Jahns, Chris completes my trifecta of go-to YouTube film critics. There are tons of YouTube film critics out there, so why Chris and not someone else? I dunno. Chris just seems like a cool dude.

Whereas Grace seems like the Hollywood Insider, and Jeremy Jahns seems like a guy who’s all about the movies, Chris seems a little more laid back, a little more like a film student, often picks out these kind of obscure cinematography references and little things like that. He strikes me as a person who has a great film education.

He is also, of the three, most similar to me in terms of personality and I would guess we have a similar number of tattoos. So I find him to be very relatable, to use an increasingly common corporate buzzword that makes me want to vomit from cringe. He seems like he has a real passion for film, a cerebral approach, and a calm demeanor.

I think he also has good taste. Where you can count on Grace to have a lot to say about franchise films and, while being no slouch for sure when it comes to the artsier flicks, Chris seems like an arthouse kind of a dude. Movies like Nightcrawler and Us and 2001 and Solaris and Magnolia, which I really like, seem to be right up his alley. Don’t quote me on that, he might have hated all those movies I used as examples (I don’t do any research for these, it’s all gut), but you get the point. That’s just kind of his vibe.

I bet you a million dollars he watches and legitimately enjoys kung fu movies from the 1950s and totally wrote a killer paper on Battleship Potemkin at some point in his life. That, also, don’t quote me on. I don’t have a million dollars. I mostly eat soup from a can. That’s the level of uh, financial liquidity you’re dealing with when you decide to enjoy an article from the ol’ BRM interweb homepage.

Chris just seems like a good dude. I’d probably talk to him at a party for like a solid 20-30 minutes and I’d be down to go see some weird Coen Brothers movie with him. Which is great because the last one I saw, Hail Caesar, didn’t go over well with the crowd I went with. I don’t think they’d let me pick the movie again. Oops.

Anyway, that’s my review of Chris Stuckmann on YouTube. Be sure to check out the Movies & TV Section for movie/tv reviews, check out the YouTuber Reviews Section for more articles like this and follow me on Twitter where I post articles like this and also inflict my terrible personality on the world.

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