ULTIMATE Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa Build

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This Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa guide will explain why Tressa makes the best Runelord in Octopath Traveler and how to build the ultimate Runelord Tressa.

If you’re playing Octopath Traveler, you may know that Runelord Tressa is one of the most OP things in the game. You’re going to want to how to set up your Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa for maximum damage potential. This guide will tell you what equipment to use and which support skills to equip for the ultimate Runelord Tressa.

Character Selection – Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa

octopath traveler runelord tressa

There are two key reasons you want to use Tressa as your Octopath Traveler Runelord rather than any other character.

First, the mix between Merchant and Runelord gives you the equipment options to make use of multiple elemental damage boosting weapons, which are the single biggest increase in damage for any Runelord. These stack with one another, so if equip the Tradewinds Spear and the Primeval Bow of Storms, for instance, your Wind damage shoots through the roof.

Second, Merchant gets the Sidestep skill, which allows Tressa to evade a single attack. When combined with Transfer Rune, this applies to every member of your party and becomes the most insane support skill in the game.

Equipment – Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa Build

Tressa is capable of equipping Swords, Axes, Bows, and Polearms. You’ll want to set her equipment up to give her as much elemental bonus damage as possible. The ultimate setup for your Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa build should look something like this:

  • Sword: Herald’s Sword (Bonus Fire Damage)
  • Polearm: Tradewinds Spear (Bonus Wind Damage)
  • Axe: Battle-tested Axe (Bonus Ice/Lightning Damage)
  • Bow: Primeval Bow of Storms (Bonus Wind Damage)
  • Shield: Force Shield
  • Head: Adamantite Hat (+88 Elem Attack)
  • Body: Crystal Armor
  • Acc 1: Elemental Augmentor (+100 Elem Attack)
  • Acc 2: Mental Belt (+65 Elem Attack)

That’s the absolute best. However, because other party members exist, you may want to spread some of that equipment around a little. In particular, you may want to give Herald’s Sword to Sorcerer Therion so he can get a double fire elemental attack bonus. In that case, the Enchanted Sword (+220 Elem Attack) is your best option.

Support Skills – Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa

The most OP way to build Runelord Tressa up for heavy damage hits is this:

Elemental Edge (4th Runelord Skill)
– Augments elemental attack power and defense during battle
Patience (4th Hunter Skill)
– 25% chance to act again at end of turn
Second Serving (3rd Hunter Skill)
– 50% chance to attack twice with normal attacks
Surpassing Power (4th Warrior Skill)
Increase maximum damage to 99,999

There’s also an argument to be made for swapping out Elemental Edge for Augmented Elements (20% bonus damage for elemental attacks), since the Elemental Edge buff can be applied by a Dancer. That would generate more damage output. However, this is more reliable and requires less set up. Up to you. Patience is better than Augmented Elements for two reasons: the mathematical increase is higher (25% vs 20%) and Patience allows you to get your setup (Transfer Rune / Elemental Rune) in a single turn a quarter of the time.

This build is insane. With this setup your Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa will be pumping out tens of thousands of damage every physical attack and attacking up to 4 times per round.

That about does it for the best Octopath Traveler Runelord Tressa build. Be sure to check out the Octopath Traveler Section for more game guides for Octopath Traveler, check out the Games Section for more articles like this, and check out the main page for even more content.