Best DotA Underlords Spirit Build 2020 Meta

DotA Underlords

If you’re playing DotA Underlords, you’ll want to know what the best build is for the Spirit alliance in the current meta. Spirits are the alliance made up of the elemental spirits: Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit and Void Spirit.

dota underlords spirit build
That’s them. Those are the spirits.

Because each Spirit in DotA Underlords has a different secondary alliance, and it’s a small alliance in general, you have a choice of what kind of alliance to make your main alliance: Defenders, Mages, Assassins or Warlocks.

Because you almost never get the opportunity to use Void Spirit, pairing Warlocks with Spirits doesn’t tend to be a good idea. There is some amount of utility to be found in mixing Defenders with Mages, but in the current meta this build is a little bit weaker than it has been in previous patches due to Enno’s ability to pull Mages out of the back row.

So which should you choose? Defenders, Mages or Assassins? I can tell you from my personal experience that in the current meta, I tend to rank a lot higher when I go Spirit/Assassin than any of the other builds, with Mages being a close second. The main reason is that the Assassin alliance spreads out enemy damage so no single target is getting focused down. One of the problems with the Defenders alliance is Ember Spirit jumps into the back row by himself and dies; similarly, with the Mages build, Earth spirit is alone (or with just Ogre Magi) taking all the damage in the front row.

With Assassins, it’s much more likely your Spirits will get the Delta Attack off, since instead of one of them getting focused down, damage is spread between them (and all the other assassins on your squad). Also, if the game goes on long enough for you to get to level 10, you can pick up Void Spirit and Broodmother to round out your roster with Insects and Warlocks.

Your final team should look like this:
Assassins (6): Nyx, Queen of Pain, Viper, Ember Spirit, Slark, Faceless Void
Spirits (4): Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit, Void Spirit
Warlocks (2): Void Spirit, Broodmother
Insects (2): Broodmother, Nyx

It’s very easy to pull off and to remember, and it’s good at every stage of the game in the current meta. For your Underlord, you’re going to want Enno with All Out Attack.


Let me talk a little bit about Spirit/Mages, because since writing this article I’ve come to believe that Spirit/Mages is actually better than Assassin/Spirit overall. First, I believe that Delta Attack benefits from the Mage alliance bonus, so there’s a bit more synergy there. Second, Storm Spirit is by far the best of the Spirits in terms of overall usefulness as a unit. Third, and I want to stress this:

The best thing to do with Spirits is to double up your Spirit units, especially Storm Spirit.

The reason for this is that Delta Attack goes off every time 3 spirits have cast a spell, even if they’re duplicate units. If you have 2x 2 star Storm Spirits and a 1 star storm spirit, they will Delta Attack basically as soon as the previous Delta Attack ends. So let me update you on my build suggestion:

  • Stack mages in your bench
  • Have 2x Storm Spirit, 1x Earth Spirit and 2x Ember Spirit
  • Eventually, replace the spirits with mage units as they upgrade and become unavailable, but try to always have 2x storm
  • As for the mages, just put the strongest individual units

That about covers it when it comes to the best DotA Underlords Spirit build in 2020. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for DotA Underlords.

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