DotA Underlords: Best Legion Build 2020 Meta

DotA Underlords

If you’re playing DotA Underlords and you want to start getting fancy with more advanced and complicated builds, you’re going to want to nail down a legion build that you can bust out whenever the time arises to impress your friends and decimate your enemies.

Legion is a special unit that gains more health and damage with each active alliance bonus, and also gains the alliance bonuses of all active alliances, so the trick with any legion build in DotA Underlords is to do three things: 1) get as many active alliances as possible; 2) position your Legion Commander so that they get tons of duel damage; and 3) use alliances that give a lot of benefit to Legion herself.

If you’ve read some of my other DotA Underlords guides, you’ll know that you should be flexible when playing DotA Underlords and this is especially important with legion builds where the units are spread out all over the place. Waiting for certain units to appear which may never come can kill your chances of winning a match. So it’s important to think in terms of guidelines rather than hard unit lineups when it comes to these builds.

The Core DotA Underlords Legion Build Guidelines

In general, the idea with a legion team is to stack as many alliance bonuses as you can. That means the units that give 3 alliance bonuses, or to multiple alliances that only require 2 units are more valuable. It’s also worth mentioning that the Deadeye alliance, which is generally pretty useless, is super useful on a Legion team, because it increases the likelihood that Legion Commander will be attacking a near-dead enemy when she launches her Duel ability.

Some other alliances that are incredibly useful for Legion: Troll (attack speed bonus), Knight (huge defense buff), Savage (big damage increase) and Hunter (chance to double attack), Bloodbound (big damage increase).

NOTE: As of the White Spire updates, some units have changed. This guide is still applicable, but Scrappy is currently rotated out of the game in addition to a few other changes.

Note that it’s not always possible to get all of these alliances in one build in a clean way. More importantly, you want to get 10-11 alliances at once for 80%+ health and 30%+ increased damage on Legion.

DotA Underlords Legion Build Core Units

While you don’t necessarily want to shoot for a specific build, some units, especially in the early game, just become typical mainstays if you’re shooting for a Legion build.

Almost every legion build will have Lycan, Sniper, and Venomancer. It’s pretty typical to use Bloodseeker as well, especially if you get the Bloodbound contract in the first few rounds. If you don’t you may pick up Ogre Magi to finish the Bloodbound alliance. It’s also pretty typical to use Weaver.

NOTE: As of the White Spire update, Venomancer is less useful in a Legion alliance build. Lycan’s alliances also changed, but he’s still quite good and offers 3 alliance bonuses. Bloodseeker got buffed and now gets the Deadeye alliance all by himself.

If you have the following team mid-game, you’re looking good: Legion, Sniper, Lycan, Weaver, Broodmother, Venomancer, Bloodseeker (with the bloodbound contract).

That team will have 9 alliances ready to go: Legion, Bloodbound, Deadeye, Human, Hunter, Savage, Scrappy, Insect, Warlock. 9 alliances from 6 units. You could consider that the “core” Legion build. However, with some experimentation, you may realize that starting with these core units and swapping some out with higher level units later produces good results, and that Troll & Knight bonuses are super powerful for Legion even if they don’t get as many alliances.

From the core build (7 units) you may want to try to pick up a Troll or Knight bonus. If you didn’t get the bloodbound contract, you may want to replace Bloodseeker with Gyrocopter when it becomes available (you might want to do that anyway if your Bloodseeker isn’t 3 stars by then).

Dota Underlords Legion Build Samples

You have to be pretty flexible with your Legion builds, but here are a few samples at level 10:

dota underlords legion build

This is a “typical” endgame Legion build. You can see in this build I assumed no bloodbound contract (otherwise: replace Ogre Magic with Sven and Lifestealer with Necro for a Knight and a Scaled bonus). This team has 11 bonuses: Hunter, Human, Scrappy, Savage, Warlock, Heartless, Insect, Brute, Bloodbound, Deadeye, Champion.

Notice the placement. It’s important to place your Legion in the back corner so she gets to the battle late. Less chance of dying early in the initial clash, more chance of dueling a low health enemy, more chance of getting a bloodbound bonus (if you have that alliance).

Here’s another build that swaps out some of the early game units for late game units for better performance endgame:

dota underlords legion build

This one is pretty nasty, but don’t go for this early on because it has a bunch of tier 4 units and 3 ace units. It has 10 bonuses: Troll, Savage, Hunter, Scrappy, Warlock, Deadeye, Human, Druid, Scaled, Champion. On top of that, it gets 3 Ace Alliance bonuses (which are crazy OP).


The important thing with Legion builds is to remember to be flexible but also to know which units work well. You will almost never see a successful Legion build that doesn’t have Lycan, for instance.

Also, keep in mind that just because Legion builds are the most complicated, doesn’t mean they’re the best. Even a super solid legion build loses badly to a lot of crowd control and high armor. Although if you manage to pull off that 3 Ace unit build I listed above it’s pretty unlike anything’s going to survive.

That about covers it when it comes to the best DotA Underlords Legion build in the 2020 meta. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for DotA Underlords.

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