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ULTIMATE Octopath Traveler Warmaster H’aanit Build

If you’re playing Octopath Traveler, toward the end of the game you’re going to unlock the Warmaster class, and you’re going to want to know how to put together the best, most OP, insane Octopath Traveler Warmaster build possible. So how do you make the best Octopath Traveler Warmaster H’aanit? This guide will show you the way.

Character Selection – Octopath Traveler Warmaster H’aanit Build

There are basically two options for your Octopath Traveler Warmaster: H’aanit or Olberic. H’aanit tends to be the better choice overall. The reason is that her Capture skill is excellent when outfitted with top tier location bosses, and her accuracy is higher, which makes a significant difference in the damage output of multihit skills like Guardian Liondog. Plus, Hunter has a better skillset than Warrior.

A Warmaster Olberic wouldn’t be bad, but H’aanit consistently outperforms Olberic as a Warmaster, so if you’re interested in having the absolute best Warmaster around, H’aanit should be your first choice.

octopath traveler h'aanit warmaster build
You want H’aanit as your Warmaster for maximum damage

Equipment – Octopath Traveler Warmaster H’aanit Build

Warmaster gains access to every equipment slot and you basically want to fill those up with all the most powerful pieces of equipment you can get your hands on. With a few exceptions, the equipment you want is the Battle-tested Equipment.

  • Sword: Battle-tested Sword
  • Polearm: Battle-tested Spear
  • Dagger: Battle-tested Dagger
  • Axe: Memento Axe
  • Bow: Battle-tested Bow
  • Staff: Giant’s Club
  • Shield: Battle-tested Shield
  • Head: Crystal Helm
  • Armor: Crystal Armor
  • Acc 1: Unerring Necklace (Accuracy +80)
  • Acc 2: Unerring Bracelet (Accuracy +50)

I like to double up on the accuracy accessories, but you can swap those out for physical attack accessories if you like. Your options for those are the Physical Belt (+65 Atk/Def) and the Mighty Belt (+50 Atk). That will increase the damage of your single-hit skills at the cost of your multihit skills (Guardian Liondog and Arrowstorm). Personally I don’t think it’s worth it.

The reason you want accuracy accessories is because Guardian Liondog and Arrowstorm have humongous accuracy penalties, but if you’re able to pump your accuracy up high enough, you’ll be able to overcome those and really increase your damage. It’s a lot better to hit 10/10 hits at 800 damage than hit 4/10 hits with 1000 damage.

Support Skills – Octopath Traveler Warmaster H’aanit Build

When it comes to support skills for the Warmaster, maximizing damage is the name of the game, and the most powerful support skill setup you can have is this:

Physical Prowess (4th Warmaster Skill)
– Augments physical attack and defense during battle
Surpassing Power (4th Warrior Skill)
– Increase maximum damage to 99,999.
BP Eater (3rd Starseer Skill)
– Boosted skills deal additional damage.
Fortitude (3rd Warmaster Skill)
– Damage goes up as HP goes down

You could make the case that Fortitude is situational and that Patience (4th Hunter Skill: 25% chance to act again at the end of the round) is better overall, but if you’re below max HP, the boost Fortitude gives is much more significant than what Patience can provide, especially since you’re relying on BP Eater and Patience can’t really capitalize on that. Patience is a great skill; feel free to swap it in there. It’s a great way to get a free turn to restore MP or do anything else, but for max damage, Fortitude is the way to go.

That about does it for the best Octopath Traveler Warmaster H’aanit build. Be sure to check out the Octopath Traveler Section for more game guides for Octopath Traveler, check out the Games Section for more articles like this, and check out the main page for even more content.