Ryan George YouTuber Review: Funny, Insightful

ryan george

Continuing my series of YouTuber reviews, here’s my review of Ryan George. First of all, Ryan George has the same first name as me, which automatically makes me like him because we’re on the same team of Ryans and slowly we’re taking over the world. Everywhere you look there is a Ryan lowkey busting a nut on the face of every industry. I mean, uh, being a cool dude.

Anyway, the industry that Ryan George is busting a nut on is YouTubing, where he seems to have basically two different series. Series…es. Serii. First is the series he does for Screenrant, a publication you might be familiar with that’s famous for posting genuinely good movie news and opinions mixed together with random editorials about how x movie franchise should totally have an all female cast. Jokes aside, Ryan George makes a series of comedy videos for Screenrant I’m going to call the “pitch meeting” series, because I think that’s what it’s actually called.

I’m pretty sure Ryan George totally stole the idea from either this WKUK sketch from 2009 or this one. Or not. Who cares. He totally made it his own and I have no idea how many of these he’s done at this point but it’s probably over 100. This pitch meeting format is a good one and they’re all pretty funny. I usually watch them as soon as they come out because I have no will of my own and the YouTube algorithm pushes them to my front page. I am a simple monkey. I see funny link, I click.

Basically the premise is he plays a screenwriter who is an idiot who’s pitching a popular movie to a movie executive, who is also an idiot. It turns out this premise is a comedy goldmine that, buoyed by George’s exceptionally polished delivery, can be mined as a lucrative full-time job. 2020 is crazy.

His other series, which I actually like more, is on Ryan George’s own YouTube channel, where he gets real weird. Most of these videos follow the premise “the first guy who did xyz”, which kind of make the joke of “boy the concept of like… washing hands is really weird isn’t that crazy how it became popular, look what would happen if it didn’t exist and you tried to suggest it.” Which could also sort of subtly include a joke about how modern people are too complacent and stupid to accept and understand good ideas.

Those are nice, but my favorite ones are the ones that are just super off-the-wall and bizarre while still including that same level of situational irony encapsulating insightful social commentary. That was a lot of words. Just watch this, this is what I’m talking about.

In conclusion, my review of Ryan George is that I like his channel.

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