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Battle Chasers Nightwar Calibretto Best Equipment

If you’re playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar, you’re definitely going to want to get the best equipment for Calibretto, who’s one of the best healers in the game. This guide will tell you what all of the best-in-slot items are for Calibretto’s weapon, armor, accessories and trinket slots and how to get them. I’ll also show you Calibretto’s max level endgame stats from my own personal save file.

Overall Best-in-Slot Equipment for Calibretto

battle chasers nightwar calibretto best equipment

Calibretto’s Best Weapon: Calamity

Calibretto’s best weapon Calamity, like all of the ultimate weapons, can be crafted once you acquire the recipe from the Pale Cathedral in Northern Wintervein. In order to craft Calibretto’s you need to obtain some rare parts, mostly from robotic optional bosses found throughout the game. For an in-depth guide on how to obtain this weapon, check out the ultimate weapons guide. Like all of the ultimate weapons in Battle Chasers: Nightwar, there is no substitute for the Calamity. Nothing else even comes close.

Battle Chasers Calibretto Best Armor: Star-Forged Plating

Calibretto’s best armor, the Star-Forged Plating is the highest level crafted armor, which you can also find randomly in the Mana Rifts. In order to get a legendary quality version of this item, you need to craft it or receive it as a random drop from a mythic chest in the Mana Rifts on New Game+. Alternatively, if you can find the broken down robot (a random event in the Mana Rifts), you can upgrade any epic quality armor to legendary by trading 10x Infused Crystal Shards.

Battle Chasers Calibretto Best Ring: Coldheart Ring

The Coldheart Ring is the best ring for defensive stats in the game and it’s only found as a random drop from enemies and chests in the Mana Rifts late in the game. A mythical version of this ring is very difficult to obtain. I’ve only received it from high level treasure fiends in the Mana Rifts and mythical treasure caches earned by completing the Mana Rifts at the highest difficulty on New Game+.

Battle Chasers Calibretto Best Necklace: Cold Iron Chain

The Cold Iron Chain is pretty much the best necklace for everyone except for Gully and Garrison. It provides huge stat increases to almost every stat that most other necklaces can’t come to match. Gully’s best in slot necklace is only different because her talents have her prioritize physical armor over health, and Garrison’s best necklace, Pulsing Demon Heart, is better in terms of DPS, but as a healer, the well-rounded stats of the Cold Iron Chain are more suitable to Calibretto’s purpose.

Calibretto’s Best Trinket: Fate Stone Coffer

The Fate Stone Coffer is found randomly in the Mana Rifts, mostly from chests. However, I’ve had the most luck finding the epic and legendary (on New Game+) versions of this item via the Mythic Chest rewarded for completing the dungeon on the highest difficulty, and from the lore mirror event found randomly in the Mana Rifts. Fate Stone Coffer seems to be the most common item that you get from both the chest and the event, so finding the highest quality one should not be too difficult.

That about covers it when it comes to the best equipment for Calibretto in Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more content related to Battle Chasers.