DotA Underlords: Brawny Is Pretty Silly Right Now

DotA Underlords nolazy

If you’d asked me two months ago if Brawny was any good in DotA Underlords, I would have said they’re lower-mid tier at best, but currently they’re having a resurgence and I have to say, what they’re capable of if you can start snowballing is just downright silly.

I first encountered this build when I was playing against someone who was on a 20 round losing streak. He got down to about 9 health and then never lost again, going on an astounding 15 round winning streak and ultimately coming in at first place with me losing in second. What had happened was, he went full Brawny and, after losing consistently throughout the game, he just reached a point where his characters all had so much health he was completely unbeatable. When I fought him in the final rounds, each of his characters had over 5000 bonus health.

I thought, okay, I have to try this. So I tried it, and my results were very similar. I lost consistently for the first 60% of the game, and then hit a point where my HP was so high no one could make a dent in my army. I tried this a few more times — I didn’t win every game, but it held its own in terms of performance with other top-tier, reliable builds like Scrappy/Assassins and Defenders/Trolls.

Even though this build is a bit of a high-risk, high-reward playstyle, I recommend you try it, because when it works it’s just utterly silly.

Obviously the units you’re going to want are all of the Brawny units, and you want them as early as possible. More than that, you want to double up on several of these units just to make sure your Brawny units get as many kills as possible early game. That means getting Axe and Beastmaster as early as possible.

Here’s what your endgame team should look like:

dota underlords brawlers build

While your core is obviously Brawny, you’re also getting a tier 2 savages bonus, as well as hunters, scaled, brutes, sages and warlocks.

NOTE: After the White Spire update, Brawny changed significantly. Axe is now a 5 star unit and Snapfire is now Brawny. Additionally, Venomancer is no longer savage and Lycan is no longer hunter. The main changes here are I suggest using Viper instead of Venomancer, and completing the second tier Savage bonus by picking up Sand King or Magnus.

I want to stress, though, that more than other builds, Brawny, is the focus here. It’s better for you to have just one extra savage (lycan or veno) and 2x 2 star Bristlebacks/Juggs, whatever, until you start getting 3 star units, than to try to complete the unit build. This is because the more non-Brawny units you have on your team, the more you reduce the possibility of the Brawny units getting the last hit on enemy units for the bonus.

Try this build out and see if you can’t get 5000+ bonus max HP and just lol your way to victory as opponents try to tickle you to death with their attacks.

That about does it for the DotA Underlords Brawny build for the 2020 meta. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for DotA Underlords.