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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Best Excadrill Moveset

If you’re planning on using Excadrill in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll want to know the best possible build and moveset that you can aim for. Excadrill is a very dangerous attacking pokemon that’s fast and capable of dishing out huge amounts of damage. It’s a powerful pokemon that you’ll definitely want to consider giving a spot on your team.

pokemon sword and shield best excadrill build moveset

Best Nature

Since Excadrill’s attack power is already extraordinarily high and its speed is on upper end of mid-tier, focusing on increasing its speed with a Jolly nature (+Speed, -Special Attack) is going to give you the biggest benefit in the long run.

Best Ability

Because so many pokemon have abilities which impact Excadrill’s go-to damaging attack, Earthquake, having Mold Breaker as an ability can be quite nice. Sand rush is also a good choice if you have a guaranteed way to set up a standstorm; otherwise it’s very useless.

Best Held Item

There are a number of good options for Excadrill. Choice Band can increase its offensive potential substantially and let it roll through enemy teams with Earthquakes galore. Leftovers can augment its above-average bulk with additional survivability. Focus Sash can ensure that it gets off its attacks or (if you have them) entry hazards before the enemy can dispatch it.

Excadrill Build Moveset

Excadrill is going to be a powerful attacker no matter how you build it, and it’s capable of having various tools to deal with entry hazards which are a huge part of the game once you’ve moved on from the base game to tournaments and competitive play:

Iron Head
Stealth Rock
Rapid Spin

This build sacrifices Swords Dance for access to Stealth Rock to create a more versatile pokemon overall. The idea is that you want to lead with Excadrill and, if it can’t OHKO the opponent’s lead pokemon, have it set up Stealth Rock so that it’s legacy lives on throughout the match. Rapid Spin gives Excadrill the ability to dispatch enemies’ entry hazards while also raising its own speed, and Earthquake & Iron Head remain enormous threats due to Excadrill’s fantastic power and speed.

Excadrill Moveset Conclusion

Excadrill is a very powerful pokemon with a superb defensive typing. It’s capable of speedily laying down tremendously damaging Earthquakes and Iron Heads while also setting up entry hazards and removing enemies’ entry hazards. It’s a fantastic choice for any pokemon squad during both the main game and post-game tournaments.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Excadrill build in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for Pokemon Sword and Shield.