Persona 5: Best Skills for Kaguya

If you’re playing Persona 5, you’ll want to know which skills to use on Kaguya, who’s among the most powerful Personas in the game. When it comes to damage dealing Personas, only Kaguya and Yoshitsune are on the same tier; everyone else pales in comparison. Yoshitsune is the most powerful physical persona by a huge amount. Likewise, Kaguya is the most powerful magical persona.

The reason Kaguya is so strong is she’s the only Persona that has access to the Shining Arrows spell, which hits multiple times and does more damage than any other spell in the game. Because it’s bless-elemental magic, you’ll want to set Kaguya up with skills that amplify her magic damage as much as possible.

The ultimate Kaguya is going to use the following skills:

Bless Boost, in order to increase bless damage by 25%.
Bless Amp, which further increases bless damage by 50%.
Magic Ability, which increases all magic damage by 25%.
Spell Master, which halves all SP costs.
Drain Fire, which covers Kaguya’s weakness to fire.
Ali Dance, which lowers enemy accuracy by 50%.
Angelic Grace, which increases dodge chance by 50%.

Unlike Yoshitsune who has some variance in how to build him, there is no build more optimal for Kaguya than that particular combination of skills. You could, theoretically, swap out Ali Dance, Angelic Grace and Spell Master for 3 more Repel/Drain skills, but you still wouldn’t have full elemental coverage, so you’re better off with the extreme dodge rate Ali Dance and Angelic Grace give you. You could also theoretically swap out Spell Master or one of Ali Dance/Angelic Grace for Concentrate, but unlike Yoshitsune there’s no good argument for not having it on a dedicated support Persona.

If you make this Kaguya, you’ll have a magical powerhouse capable of keeping up with the famous Yoshitsune in terms of damage. Anything that resists physical, use Kaguya. Anything that resists Bless, use Yoshitsune. It’s that easy. These are your two boss killing personas. You’re also likely going to want to use a crowd clearing Persona set up with Victory Cry – I recommend Alice.

That about does it for the best skills for Kaguya in Persona 5. Be sure to check the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides related to Persona 5.