Best DotA Underlords Assassin Build 2020 Meta

DotA Underlords

If you’re playing DotA Underlords, one of the alliances you’re surely going to want to figure out how to build is Assassins, which tends to stay consistently relevant across the meta. This guide will teach you how to approach a great assassin build in DotA Underlords and which units are worthwhile to put on your team.

DotA Underlords Assassin Build Units

There are 7 units to pick from with an Assassin build, and you need 6 to totally max it out. For the purposes of this build, we’re talking full assassins, so you’re going to be utilizing 6 units. The units you have to pick from are:

Bounty Hunter, a 1 cost Scrappy/Assassin with a decently fast attack speed, who casts a decent single-target nuke.

Nyx Assassin, a 1 cost Insect/Assassin who deals a big opening blow against any new target it attacks and also has an ability that reflects damage and stuns.

Queen of Pain, a 2 cost Demon/Assassin that attacks from range and has an AoE nuke.

Ember Spirit, a 3 cost Spirit/Assassin that has an AoE physical attack that scales with items.

Viper, a 3 cost Dragon/Assassin who poisons enemy targets when hit if the Dragon alliance is fulfilled.

Slark, a 4 cost Scaled/Assassin whose attack speed increases throughout the round.

Faceless Void, a 5 cost Primordial/Assassin who is able to stop time in a large AoE while dealing damage.

If you go full Assassin, you have easy access to the Spirit, Insect, Scrappy, Dragon, Scaled and Primordial alliances.

The Build

If you’re going full assassin, you might be tempted to go Spirit. You might also be tempted to go Scrappy. Those builds are really better with Assassin as the secondary pursuit. In the case of Spirits, it’s usually better to go with Mages, whose alliance boosts the Delta Attack damage.

No, no. With Assassin there is one and only one legitimate best possible thing to do, and that is Assassins/Insects. Not only does it only take one extra unit to get the 1st rank Insect bonus, but the Insect bonus itself synergizes so well with the physical burst damage of the Assassin alliance you’d be silly not to take it.

There are 4 Insects and it takes 4 Insects to get the bonus. So, in addition to Nyx Assassin, the units you’ll want are:

Weaver, a 2 cost Insect/Scrappy/Hunter who weaves around the battlefield switching targets regularly.

Broodmother, a 3 cost Insect/Warlock that casts an AoE web that reduces enemy attack speed.

Sand King, a 4 cost Insect/Savage that stuns multiple enemies in a line.

Full Assassins/Insects will complete at level 9, giving you an option for your last character if you get to level 10. You’ll want Faceless Void; you could just add Void to your squad and have 7 assassins, or you could replace Bounty Hunter with Alchemist to keep the Scrappy bonus and complete the level 1 Warlock bonus. They’re both viable. In all likelihood, you won’t get to level 10, as that’s pretty rare unless you’re really gunning for it.

Assassin Build Early Game

Early game should be pretty straightforward. You want 3 assassins ASAP for the bonus, and Weaver in order to get the level 1 Insect bonus. Once you achieve that, you should be winning rounds, especially if you’re able to 2-star a few of your units. The units you’re most likely to have at this point are: Nyx Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Queen of Pain, and Weaver.

This build should be decent enough to carry you to 30 gold for the interest bonus without getting on a big losing streak. Once you’re at 30 gold, picking up the units who you get lucky to draw on the way, start pumping gold into levels.

Assassin Build Mid Game

You want to get to level 7 pretty quickly for the full assassin bonus. At that point you’ll have 6 assassins and 2 insects, which means if you’re falling behind in terms of star levels you can take a break from leveling up and go for some unit upgrades. What you opt to do at this point should depend somewhat on your luck. If you pick up Sand King and Broodmother early, keep gunning for levels and try to get to level 9: that 4 unit Insect bonus is huge. Otherwise, try to 3 star one or two of your units before getting to level 9.

As far as your Underlord, it’s really up to you. I usually default to Enno with this build since he just fits in with the other units, but you could make a case for Jull as well, I think. Even Hobgen, if he has the attack speed ultimate, can be pretty good.

You’ll want to get all the physical damage and attack speed items. Crystalis is good. Hand of Midas is good. If you get a Mask of Madness that’s a huge deal, slap that bad boy on Slark and watch him go to town. Maelstrom is good. You get the idea.

DotA Underlords Assassin Build Late Game

Your next decision comes once you get to level 9, which you should achieve earlier than most of the other players. That decision is whether or not to keep Bounty Hunter. You’re going to want Faceless Void, because he’s pretty wacky, but also you most likely are very close to having a 3 star bounty hunter. If you’re not, the decision is easy: dump Bounty Hunter for Faceless Void and if you get to level 10, add in Alchemist for the Scrappy/Warlock bonus and the AoE armor debuff. If Bounty Hunter is 3 stars or close to 3 stars, you’ll probably just want to gun for level 10 and add Faceless Void to your current lineup.

In the end, if everything goes according to plan, your squad should look something like this:

dota underlords best assassin build 2020 meta

That setup gives you full assassins, full insects, scrappy and warlock. Positioning-wise, it doesn’t really matter where you put most of the assassins because they jump around. You want Sand King, Broodmother and Alchemist to get attacked so they launch their skills early in the fight.

That about covers it when it comes to the best DotA Underlords Assassin build in the 2020 meta. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for DotA Underlords.

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