DotA Underlords Tier List: Top Alliances 2020

DotA Underlords

If you’re playing DotA Underlords, you’ll want to know what the best alliances are so you may be looking for a tier list. I’ve been a DotA Underlords fiend since before the White Spire update earlier this month, and I’m ranked relatively high. Let me give you a rundown of how powerful the alliances are in the current meta from my perspective.

Tier Lists in DotA Underlords are a bit dicey to put together because there is a bit of rock-paper-scissors to the game, but there are still alliances who are noticeably strong and noticeably weak.

S Tier – DotA Underlords Tier List


dota underlords tier list brawny

Brawny was already pretty stupid and the current meta gave them a number of buffs. The big one is that Snapfire is now Brawny and, trust me, that Snapfire dragon ability is insane. If you get a good start with Brawny it’s not uncommon for your units to have 2000-5000 bonus health at the end of the game. It’s also much easier to get a good start with Brawny, since the alliance now has access to several low cost units, making it much more reliable. Axe also got a significant buff and he’s an absolutely beastly unit who is excessively tanky and capable of wrecking whole enemy teams with Counter Helix and Culling Blade.

Insects – DotA Underlords Tier List

dota underlords tier list insects

Insects are whackkkk. The bonus they provide is both a substantial damage increase and a substantial survivability boost and they’re so easy to acquire it’s almost not fair. It’s very possible to get the first tier alliance bonus in the very first round. They partner easily with Assassins, Warlocks and Savages and it requires such a low investment to get the 1st tier bonus, which is super impactful, that it’s pretty easy to just pick it up even in builds that have no alliance crossover with the insect units. Activating the insect alliance bonus at almost any point in the game tends to just be a huge, very noticeable power increase, and the units themselves are decently strong.

Warrior – DotA Underlords Tier List

Now that Tidehunter is back in the game, it is very very difficult to beat a well-built Warriors team at almost any stage of the game. They are incredibly tanky and really don’t sacrifice much offensive capability in order to achieve that. Juggernaut, Troll, Tusk and Slardar can pump out damage like that best of them. On top of that, by endgame they’re not only physically tank, but also have that Scaled bonus that makes them difficult to defeat with magic. Their only real counters are Assassins/Void, and Heartless, and those aren’t counters so much as toss-ups. On top of that, Warriors have easy access to a ton of secondary alliances and a lot of flexibility with what to pick. Notice that someone is doing really well with Mages? Finish off the Scaled bonus. Need crowd control? Warriors/Trolls does just fine. Want more survivability? Toss Necro in there for the Heartless bonus and then go with either Healers of Warlocks. The possibilities are vast.

A Tier – DotA Underlords Tier List


dota underlords tier list savages

Savages are very strong. Not only because of their own alliance bonus, which is somewhat mediocre, but because the units themselves are strong and they synergize with a ton of different alliances. If you go savages, you automatically also get sages and summoners, and are super close to getting Brawny and Insects which, if you’re reading this post, you’ve noticed are top-tier alliances. Going Brawny/Savages is great. Going Savages/Insects is great. Going Warriors/Savages is great. Savages work well almost every game as either a primary or secondary alliance, and just having Lycan and Lone Druid partnered on their own gives an enormous power boost.


dota underlords tier list assassins

Assassins are very strong, especially when paired with Insects. It’s a pretty reliable alliance to build, as well. Given the variety of units for both the Assassin and Insect alliances, you’re pretty much guaranteed access to 3 assassins and 2 insects by mid-game. The main problem with assassins is that in the current meta, you’re likely to encounter Brawny and Warrior alliances every game which somewhat act as a counter to an assassin build, though beating them is still possible if your units are more developed.

Blood-Bound – DotA Underlords Tier List

dota underlords tier list bloodbound

You may think of Blood-Bound as somewhat of a gimmick build, but trust me, in the current meta it is very powerful. Blood-Bound got a few buffs. First, every Blood-Bound unit gets a damage increase each time another one dies. Second, it’s not uncommon to get multiple Ogre Caps, which turn any unit into a Blood-Bound unit. Third, Bloodseeker now unlocks the Deadeye alliance all on his own. Finally, given how prevalent summoners are in the meta, Bloodseeker just tears summons apart and it boosts his survivability substantially.

Deadeye – DotA Underlords Tier List


Deadeye, which is basically just Bloodseeker, is very strong, mainly because there are so many low-HP summoned units around in the current meta for Bloodseeker to feast on. The Blood-Bound buffs don’t hurt either. Since Bloodseeker is just an easily available 1 star unit, he fits into pretty much every lineup and if you upgrade him quickly enough, he becomes a very serious threat. This single unit almost one-handedly counters Eidolons and Summoners.



Dragons are insane. I’m not kidding when I say those Draconic Abilities are really, really strong, especially Snapfire’s which is capable of decimating an enemy team. Snapfire does this huge DoT/Nuke that can basically melt away 70% of the whole opposing team’s HP if they’re grouped together. It’s wild. Viper’s is not quite as ridiculous, but it’s still very strong and you’ll find that he’s capable of melting away the entire back line. Snapfire/Viper is a very easy combo to acquire as well. Dragon Knight is also a powerful unit, but he can be hard to fit into a team by the time you get him unless you’re specifically going Knights/Dragons.


dota underlords heartless

Heartless are in a very good place currently for a variety of reasons. First, they do a good job of countering WarrIors, who are so strong that they become very difficult to defeat in late game when their alliance bonus is finished and they have a scaled bonus as well as whatever secondary alliance they decided to go with (usually either Brutes or Healers). Second, it’s good at any level. Tons of alliances will pick up a first tier Heartless bonus, they work exceptionally well as a 4-unit secondary alliance, and a 6 unit primary Heartless alliance is exceptionally powerful as well. Given that DotA Underlords is all about flexibility, Heartless benefits from being a very flexible alliance.

B Tier – DotA Underlords Tier List

Brute – DotA Underlords Tier List


Brutes are not an alliance I would make a main focus of my build, but the individual units in the Brute alliance are all very strong and since you only need four of them for the bonus, they make a fantastic complement to any of the alliances they pair easily with: Brawny, Heartless, Blood-Bound, Mage and Sage. I never really notice the alliance bonus itself being very useful (I’m sure it’s fine), it’s more the fact that 4 of these incredibly tanky units vastly increase the survivability of your team as a secondary alliance.


champion legion

It’s easier than ever to make a Legion build, especially since Legion’s core partner, Bloodseeker, got a massive buff, not only making him stronger as a unit, but also granting the Deadeye alliance for free. Powerful bonuses for Legion include Blood-Bound, Trolls, Knights, Savage, Hunters, and basically anything else you can put together. Blood-Bound is huge on Legion. Still, Legion is a bit of a win-more strat, so if you don’t get the right units early on and start snowballing, it might be better to switch gears before you get too far behind.


Eh, Knights are alright. They’re not what they once were, a few patches ago. They have a decent amount of survivability but have almost no damage potential without Sven or Dragon Knight, leaving you to rely on a secondary alliance for most of the game, and thus giving yourself a headache achieving a delicate balance between defense and offense. Knights/Dragons with Drow added in for good measure (for the Heartless bonus) is a fairly strong endgame alliance, but it doesn’t come online until very late game. The key problem with Knights is that Dragon Knight is such an elusive unit and he’s integral to the alliance’s success.

Spirits – DotA Underlords Tier List


Spirit can be a very strong build especially if you know what you’re doing. Basically the way to go with spirits is to pair them with the first tier mage bonus and double up as many spirit units on your team as possible, prioritizing Storm, then Void, then Ember. If you can get 2x Storm, 2x Void, 2x Ember, you’ll be launching Delta Attack after Delta Attack without any pause in between throughout the match. The only problem is, if the enemy team knows what they’re doing, they’ll stack all their units in the corner where it becomes less likely for Delta Attack to hit the full enemy team. It helps Spirits out a lot that Void is now a 4 star unit instead of a 5 star unit.


dota underlords tier list summoners

Summoners are fairly strong, mainly as a secondary alliance for Savages. You almost always want to go Savages/Summoners, since you get the 1st tier Summoner alliance from just Lycan and Lone Druid, who are also the strongest summoners. Arc Warden can get pretty silly if he’s able to replicate a bunch of times, and if you decide to go with Nature’s Prophet and a Savages alliance, you’ll just be one sage away from the 2nd tier sage bonus. If you don’t go Savages/Summoners, and you just go Summoners, this alliance has a lot of problems, not the least of which being that Bloodseeker just goes around eating serpent totems and treants until he’s all Blood-Bourned up and ready to come eat the rest of your team.

C Tier – DotA Underlords Tier List


Mages, especially Mages/Spirits, can be very strong in late game. The problem is a lot of the time you won’t even get to late game with Mages since they rely on essentially melting the enemy team all at once with late-game nukes and until you’re able to do that, they’re just very squishy and lack damage potential. Adding to that is the fact that getting a 2-3 star Keeper of the Light is practically necessary before Mages take off and you can see that they come online super late and aren’t very reliable to build. If you get lucky with the units, though, it’s possible to become untouchable. You’ll lose the first 15 rounds and then go on a 10 round winning streak. Another huge problem with Mages in the current meta is that Warriors basically have Scaled baked in, and Brawny tends to survive the Mages’ super frontloaded damage. Unfortunately for Mages, their main counters are a most common alliances currently.



Druid is very effective early game but really tapers off as you get toward endgame and becomes essentially useless once the characters in question are 3-stars. It’d have a lot more late-game usefulness if its 2nd tier bonus was to be party-wide instead of giving an additional upgrade. It’s not an alliance you want to aim for, but you get it somewhat automatically if you go for Savage or Savage/Summoners and in that sense it provides a huge early-game power bonus to those builds, making it pretty good.


dota underlords tier list healers

Healer is a decent secondary alliance, especially for Knights, Warriors or Warlocks. Warriors/Healers is pretty strong in particular given that Warriors are already very strong and Warriors/Healers also gets you the Troll, Heartless and Warlock 1st tier bonuses. As for Warlocks/Healers, you actually already get Warlocks/Healers just by doing the Healer (Warlock and Necro), so you just need to double down and fill out the rest of your team with Warlocks. It’s not nearly as good as Warriors but it’s decent. The reason it’s in C-Tier is that Warlocks is not a particularly good core alliance, and Warrior often has a ton of options for secondary alliances.


dota underlords tier list hunters

Hunters are alright, especially with the new Vigilance alliance, but without Sniper or Lycan being part of the alliance, they’re not nearly as strong as they were last patch. It’s often more useful as a secondary alliance for Brawny, Knights, Heartless or possibly Warriors, but going full hunters will leave you with a relatively squishy team that doesn’t seem to be able to melt down enemy teams as effectively as Assassins.

Void – DotA Underlords Tier List

Void is a good secondary alliance for Assassins if you’re able to get it. It’s such a late game thing that it won’t even be an option in most games, since it requires a 4 and 5 star unit. If you’re going a fairly standard Assassins/Insects build you can get the Void bonus at level 10 just by picking up Enigma or Void Spirit. They won’t really fit into your team at all as individual units, but they’ll activate this alliance bonus which is pretty significant, especially for Assassins who have very high attack speed in general. If you’re going Assassins/Spirits which is also a pretty decent build, you’ll be able to access the Void bonus a little earlier since Void Spirit will be part of your core lineup. I think in general, Assassins/Insects is quite a bit stronger and more reliable though.



Trolls are just ok. There was a time when Trolls felt almost overpowered, but that time has passed. If you’re going Knights, Warriors or Warlocks, Trolls can be a natural fit, but these days Knights/Dragons or Knight/Hunters feels like it comes online a little earlier. If you’re going Warlocks/Healers, you’ll get the first tier Troll bonus automatically, but you’re usually better off getting Insects and/or Heartless than finishing off the Trolls bonus. Warriors/Trolls is probably the best of them, but like Warlocks you probably have better options. I think a big part of the problem is that Troll builds need Troll Warlord to really take advantage of them and he’s a 5 star unit that should probably be a 3 star unit. I also think the changes to Shadow Shaman hurt, because Serpent Wards is actually a downgrade from chicken, he’s less accessible and his new alliances don’t fit onto many teams.

Warlocks – DotA Underlords Tier List

dota underlords tier list warlock

I really want Warlocks to be good because I think the concept is really cool, I like the theme and I dig all the units. Unfortunately, in practice, Warlocks is not an alliance that reliably wins games. If you go Brawny, Warrior, Savage, Assassins/Insects, etc., you’ll pretty reliably wind up in the top 4. If you go Warlocks, you tend to get knocked out fairly early on. It’s not even like mages where they come online super late. Warlocks just sort of never come online. Unless everyone else gets really unlucky with their upgrades and you get everything you need quickly, you’re not going to be outperforming the top tier squads you’ll almost certainly be facing off against every match. Disruptor and Necro are great units but they’re much better suited to exist on Brawny for Disruptor and Knights/Warriors/Heartless for Necro. A lot of alliances get easy access to the 1st and possibly even 2nd tier Warlock bonuses, but that’s about the best you can hope for. Going for the full Warlock core build tends to be a recipe for losing.


Scaled is not terribly necessary these days as the main thing it counters is Mages, which is not a very popular alliance to be facing off against in the current meta. It’s much, much more likely you’re going to be having a problem with beefy Brawny, Warriors or Savages. Still, like the Human alliance, it’s so easy to obtain that you get it automatically if you go with Warriors and you get it very easily if you go with Knights or Assassins. You don’t even have to go very far out of your way to get it. Typically in late game, where you’d know whether you want Scaled and you’d know if magic damage is a problem for your team, tossing Tidehunter or Medusa into your lineup is a solid idea even without going for the Warriors/Hunters alliances because those units are independently super strong with their crowd control abilities.

D Tier – DotA Underlords Tier List


dota underlords tier list demon

Demons are, individually, very strong units that you’ll want in each of their respective alliances. As an alliance itself though, stacking Demons tends to not be a good idea. You’ll watch as Chaos Knight continually silences the entire team and Shadow Fiend basically takes himself out of the fight completely by repeatedly doing the first second of his casting animation. The alliance bonus is pretty whack, because silencing these units, each of whom is reliant on powerful spells, if more of a penalty than the damage that the bonus gives.

Human – DotA Underlords Tier List


There as so many units in this alliance and the bonus is so negligible that it’s hard to put it on the list at all. It’s basically a non-factor. You’ll get this 1st tier alliance bonus automatically if you go Knights or Mages, but it’s only really useful for mages. Still, even with Mages, the units don’t have any synergy, so trying to max out the bonus is extremely unadvisable. Most characters are more limited by cooldown than mana, except back-row mages who aren’t being attacked. The only time you’ll get the 2nd tier bonus here is if you go Knights/Mages, which is decent, but not mindblowingly effective.


I’ll be honest with you. I’m not even 100% sure what this alliance bonus does, and I’ve played numerous games with the Vigilant alliance. If you’re going Hunters, you get Vigilant automatically as a byproduct, but as I mentioned above, Hunters aren’t particularly strong. If you go Knights/Hunters, you’ll get the full 2-tier Vigilant alliance. If that’s good or not, couldn’t tell you. I can tell you Knights/Hunters is a B-Tier level alliance, and it’s probably the peak of Vigilant/Hunters performance in the current meta. Also, Knights/Dragons is way better.

F Tier – DotA Underlords Tier List


Primordials are, for the most part, inconsequential. If you’re going mages, you get Primordial first tier automatically, but you’ll never notice is because the Eidolons are so weak. If you’re going summoners, you can do kind of a gimmick build where you go summoners/primordials/savages, but it’s vastly inferior to just going summoners/savages. Eidolons, for the most part, do nothing but quickly die, and with Bloodseeker being so common these days, they’re basically just little health packs for any opposing Bloodseeker.

That about does it for the DotA Underlords Alliances Tier List for White Spire. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to DotA Underlords.

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