Good, Now Remake Final Fantasy 6

Now that’s it’s become clear that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to be a big success, the natural thought for any level-headed Final Fantasy fan is going to be that a Final Fantasy 6 Remake would be awesome. Final Fantasy 7 is definitely my favorite Final Fantasy by a huge margin, but 6 is easily second best, with 10 following close behind.

Where Final Fantasy 7’s blocky PS1-era graphics definitely held it back and we can see how amazing they look in modern HD, it’s easy to argue that Final Fantasy 6 would see an even more massive improvement. Square is going through a sort of renaissance lately with remaking its older games, like Trials of Mana and Final Fantasy 7, largely to great success, and it stands to reason the next game after Final Fantasy 7 with the biggest mandate for a remake and the biggest fanbase is Final Fantasy 6.

I’m sure it would stretch the company a little thin to be publishing two large-scale remakes of the same size as Final Fantasy 7 are once, and Final Fantasy 6 definitely hasn’t achieved the same level of mainstream breakthrough that 7 did, but don’t you suppose that Square could give Final Fantasy 6 at least the same treatment they gave to Trials of Mana or, better yet, make it a big single-game RPG release for Nintendo Switch? 7 definitely feels like a Playstation game, and 6 decidedly feels like a Nintendo game.

Look at how well the Final Fantasy 6 characters translate into 3d:

final fantasy 6 remake terra
final fantasy 6 remake locke

I’m not sure Final Fantasy 6 deserves the same company-wide multi-game focus as Final Fantasy 7, but I don’t see why they can’t remake it as a single game on the same level as, say, Dragon Quest XI. Instead of updating it to a robust action RPG hybrid, they could directly adapt the ATB system to modern times, just as Dragon Quest XI maintained its classic turn-based system.

I don’t think Final Fantasy 6 would have the same level of mainstream cultural penetration that Final Fantasy 7 is capable of, but I certainly think it could bring in the full jRPG audience that shows up for games like Dragon Quest XI and Persona 5 and be built on a budget that anticipates that.

Imagine not only Terra and Locke given the same 3d treatment as above, but all the iconic FF6 characters, from Edgar and Sabin all the way to Gogo. Take Dragon Quest 11 as an example. Imagine the areas fully fleshed out, just like DQ11, and even with a classic world map that lets you truly see the impact of the World of Ruin.

dq11 screenshot Good, Now Remake Final Fantasy 6
Dragon Quest XI Walkthrough The Strand 024 300x168 1 Good, Now Remake Final Fantasy 6

Maybe they don’t want to cannibalize their own sales from the FF7 remake, but I feel like FF7R and DQ11 really do target two different audiences, and the audience crossover would be more than happy to buy both.

What do you guys think? Should they remake Final Fantasy 6 as a big mainstream RPG for Nintendo Switch like Dragon Quest 11? Hit me up on Twitter.

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