Arvin Ash YouTuber Spotlight: Interesting Physics

arvin ash

This is a spotlight for a YouTuber named Arvin Ash, who covers theories of Quantum Physics. If you follow this site, you might know that I’m super into quantum physics, just as much as I am into philosophy, spirituality and psychology. I talk about figures like Carl Sagan, I follow Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku and several others. I’m no expert, but I’m familiar with several important concepts like the incompatibility of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics, String Theory, 11-dimensional space-time, the chaos pendulum, etc. So I watch a fair amount of physics content on YouTube.

Arvin Ash is one of my favorite channels. Not only does he introduce complex topics in an interesting and easy-to-follow way, using a lot of visual aids, he covers a great deal of very interesting topics to me, as someone who embraces Spiritual Nihilism. He talks about panpsychism, simulation theory, solipsism, levels of consciousness sophistication, the infinite multiverse, 4-dimensional time and timeline dimensionality, and other topics that are really big in Spiritual Nihilism, which also has a ton of crossover with Buddhism and New Age.

I want to say that unlike many people in the scientific sphere, he’s not dismissive of these concepts, but actually displays a tremendous curiosity about them. I want to say that, but I realize as I’m typing that I think that’s a misrepresentation. I can’t think of too many prominent modern scientists who don’t recognize science’s origins in alchemy, or that in many cases science has actually proven the benefits and/or realities of several long-standing spiritual theories, like the effectiveness of meditation/mindfulness. In fact, most major prominent figures in science tend to be pretty open-minded about things that haven’t been expressly disproven, and very aware of the fact that the nature of reality and truth in an infinite universe is very hard to know from the infinitesimal fraction we have direct experience with.

Anyway, he’s a smart guy, his videos are very approachable and it’s a great inroad into what’s happening now in the fields of physics and quantum physics. I highly recommend his channel. You’ll learn a lot watching it, and he talks about some very important stuff. Whether you’re an atheist or a sort of MMA spiritualist like me (which is basically what Spiritual Nihilism is), the theories Arvin illuminates on his channel will give you greater insight into the mysteries of the universe and lead you into asking more and more of the right questions.

That about does it for my spotlight on Arvin Ash. You can check out his YouTube channel here. Click here for more YouTuber spotlights.